What are the best Uber cars?

    Best Uber Cars
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    What makes the best Uber cars? There are a number of different factors that need to be considered.

    The Uber Guru has tested a variety of car manufacturers and models to find the best Uber cars. Below is a review of the two best-performing Uber cars on the market, the Kia Sportage, and the Toyota Camry Hybrid.

    Kia Sportage

    The Kia Sportage has quickly become the most popular car for Splend Members, available on both Rent and Rent-to-Own plans. The increased carrying capacity, fantastic boot size, and overall comfort is popular with passengers, resulting in a higher number of 5 Star reviews.

    Splend Members are regularly complimented on the quality and comfort of the Kia Sportage, including Huss, the number 1 ranked Uber driver in the world for 5-star comments (he recently received an award from Uber). Before coming to Splend and driving a Kia Sportage, Huss had an Uber rating of 4.87. Huss now boasts a Uber rating of 4.95!

    Don’t take our word for it – hear the story from Huss himself:

    The Kia Sportage has a 3.5-inch screen in the dashboard which can be hooked up with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a safer, smarter way to use your phone in the car. The 3.5-inch display is also hooked up to a reverse camera, ideal for parking in the city.

    The car features Bluetooth hands-free connectivity as well as Aux-in and USB ports for smartphones and MP3 music players. This feature is popular with passengers who want to listen to music before heading out.

    In testing, the Kia Sportage scored a five-star safety rating in the Euro NCAP tests, which means increased safety for both you and your passengers.

    CarsGuide rated the Kia Sportage 4 out of 5 stars with special mention to the stylish looks and the increased passenger room (which is a big hit with Uber passengers).

    If you’re an approved Uber driver, you can get behind the wheel of a brand-new
    Kia Sportage on a low weekly rental fee the same day you sign up.


    Toyota Camry Hybrid

    Splend provides Members with the Toyota Camry Hybrid on a Rent-to-Own plan, meaning as you drive with Uber you are working to owning your car, without a locked-in contract!

    The Toyota Camry Hybrid has established itself as one of the best cars for Uber with its amazing fuel efficiency of 4.2L/100km (combined). Fuel is one of the main expenses for Uber drivers, so the Toyota Camry Hybrid keeps your fuel costs to a minimum. The car will store your best fuel consumption figures and congratulate every time you set a new record!

    It still packs plenty of punch thanks to the electric motor’s instant peak torque, giving you the ability to zip in and out of city traffic.

    For a sedan, the Toyota Camry Hybrid has plenty of space and is extremely comfortable for you and your passengers. The boot has enough room to fit plenty of luggage on airport runs.

    On the safety front, the Toyota Camry Hybrid scored an ANCAP safety rating of 5 stars, the maximum score possible giving you peace of mind that you and your passengers are safe.

    Vipan, a Splend Member, used to drive a taxi and decided to make the switch to Uber. He is working towards owning his Toyota Camry Hybrid on Splend’s Rent-to-Own plan. Vipan enjoys the fact that the car is his but it’s not his liability! Click here to hear from Vipan.

    Hear the story in Vipan’s own words:

    If you’ve been driving with Uber for at least eight weeks, you can get behind the wheel of a brand-new Toyota Camry Hybrid the same day you sign up.


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