Aekarin, an ex-taxi driver, switched to Uber two years ago. The first weeks weren’t exactly smooth sailing, but he never looked back once he got the hang of using the Uber driver app.

He’s very excited to thrive through ridesharing, and he’s great at it – he’s very proud of his 4.92 rating, which is indeed close to a perfect driving score if you ask us.

He’d driven multiple cars throughout the years, but starting February 2021, he joined us and signed up for the Rent to own plan, getting ready to buy his brand-new Mitsubishi Outlander at the end of the agreement.

While his smile says euphoria, when we asked him why he chose this car, he gave a 100% rational answer:

“I knew a 7-seater would help me massively with ridesharing. It provides the extra legroom and comfort for my clients – especially during these times when social distancing became the norm and everyone is looking for ways to avoid public transportation for their safety.”

It’s been great hearing that Aekarin is as happy as we are with his progress. We’re stoked to see you shine!

About Splend

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