Closed or limited border openings have, no doubt, been among the biggest setbacks for Australian Uber and rideshare drivers this year.

As Australia continues to deal with cases of COVID-19, the rules around travel restrictions and border openings are constantly changing.

We finally have good news

As of early December 2020, all states have at least partially opened up for domestic travel:

  • The ACT is open to all all arrivals
  • SA, NSW, NT, and Tasmania have opened borders to all Australian states
  • VIC has opened borders to all Australian states (except SA, which requires a permit)
  • QLD has opened its borders to SA, VIC, and NSW (Greater Sydney)
  • WA has opened up its borders to NSW and VIC

As we keep our eyes on this evolving landscape and the continued relaxation of travel restrictions in the current term, this provides some relief to rideshare drivers. Though there is still a long way to go (March 2021) before Australia opens up borders to international travel, domestic travel will be expected to rise until then.

Take advantage of increased levels of domestic flights over the next few months by keeping these suggestions in mind:

  • Follow domestic flight schedules for flights coming in and start waiting in the virtual queue prior to arrivals
  • Clear out your trunk to make room for baggage
  • Have phone chargers ready for your passengers
  • Load up on hand sanitiser, antimicrobial wet wipes, and single-use face masks

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