Careers at Splend

    Splend celebrates employees who go above and beyond when looking after our Members. We’re outcomes focussed and deadly serious about enjoying what we do and where we work. Yes, we’ve got table tennis tables, bean bags, and play stations, but we also offer, personal and career development, a social conscious and other staff perks.

    At Splend we don’t just see that culture is something to be written about, we see it as something to be sung about. Our vision developed a culture of innovation, agility and transparency that focuses on outcomes not outputs.

    We hold ourselves accountable for the company culture and know that you can’t buy it, you can’t grow it, you can’t develop it, you have to live it.

    All Splend employees are different. However, they all possess the same energy and passion pumping through their veins.

    Splend employees focus on solutions, not problems. Splend employees focus on the customer not themselves. As a result, Splend employees are prepared to put in the effort to see their company succeed.

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