Harmony Day – Cultures United Under Splend Banner

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    Splend is giving thousands of Australians a fair go by creating unique job opportunities working through on-demand mobile applications such as Uber.

    By providing brand new vehicles on a flexible weekly rental contract along with coaching, training and mentoring, Splend is allowing its Members to earn an income in a way that was not possible twelve months ago.

    The unique job opportunity provided by Splend has attracted a diverse range of individuals from varying backgrounds including students, retirees, and immigrants, with approximately 50% of the company’s Member base having a nationality other than Australian.

    As a result of this multicultural Member base, Splend has developed a unique culture that welcomes diversity and optimizes the push for harmony.

    To create a culture of harmony, Splend holds monthly events and encourages Members to network and create new friendships with Members from different backgrounds.

    Splend also has a Member Support Centre which provides a home away from home, providing a community space where members can come in at any time to chat to the Splend staff, pray, enjoy a cup of tea or receive help on how to increase their earnings.

    Lockie Cooke, Head of Operations for Splend in Perth, is no stranger to working on creating harmony between communities having started the ICEA Foundation while he was still finishing high school.

    Working with on-demand workers such as Uber drivers had provided Mr Cooke with another challenge, one that he is relishing.

    “Our Members come from all walks of life and the knowledge that we are helping people to earn an income as well as accessing a brand new car gets me out of bed in the morning,” Mr Cooke said.

    “Uber, for example, provides a unique meeting of cultures that may not have come together under other circumstances,” Mr Cooke continued.

    “We encourage our Members to tell their unique stories, be proud of their background and to engage with passengers at a level beyond talking about the weather.”

    Splend does not discriminate amongst those looking to sign up, providing people with an opportunity to make a fresh start and to build financial stability in uncertain economic times.