On-demand driving
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Save $500+ in 4 weeks with our delivery offer:
  • Cars from $199 per week (RRP $269)
  • No minimum rental period
  • Support to get started with new on-demand platforms

    We provide new-model cars suitable for the following delivery and courier platforms

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    How it works

    With an increased demand for food and parcel deliveries during these challenging times, there’s a world of earning opportunities out there for you.

    In addition to rideshare platforms, you can now use your Splend car for food deliveries with Uber Eats, and parcel or grocery deliveries with Yello, Amazon Flex and more. We will help you navigate the process of onboarding with each on-demand platform and provide information as new partners become available to you.


    Frequently asked questions

    To sign up for a Splend car you’ll need: to be at least 23 years old, have a current Australian driver’s license and be an approved driver with:

    • At least one rideshare platform
    • As many food and delivery platforms as you like

    We recommend you sign up with Uber and Uber Eats to start with.

    You can use your Splend car with all the major delivery platforms such as Uber Eats, Amazon Flex or Yello. We’re constantly expanding our list of partners, so please let us know how you want to use the car for courier and delivery jobs, and we can assist you to maximise your income.



    Our cars are all SUVs, meaning with the seats folded flat you will have ample space to conduct a large amount of deliveries. This example shows the boot space of a Mitsubishi Outlander with the back seats folded flat.

    There is no minimum rental period and you can hand the car back with two weeks notice in writing to your Member Success Representative.

    Our current discounted weekly rental offer is reviewed on a monthly basis.

    If the pricing does change, you will be provided with 28 days notice of the price change.

    Every Splend car comes with the insurance required for delivery and rideshare platforms.

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