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Why Splend?

Build your career fast, not furious. Get a car, plus the training and support you need to become a more profitable, safer, fulfilled driver. We’ll help you manage the business side of things, so you can do what you do best. Drive.
Why Splend?

What documents do I need for signing up?

  • Driver’s licence
  • Proof of address
  • Your passport or citizenship certificate
  • Driving history

How much does it cost to get started?

New members pay a $275 joining fee with weekly car payments starting from $188 on a Flexi subscription, and a $990 joining fee with cars starting from $329 on Flexi own.

Our weekly plans run Monday-Sunday. When collecting your car, you’ll pay one full week in advance, plus remaining days of the current week including collection day. So, if you collect your car on a Friday, for example, we’ll charge you one full week covering next week’s subscription, plus daily rates for Friday – Sunday.  Learn more about our start-up costs

Bye bye admin 👋

For less than the cost of DIY car finance, our Flexi own plan comes packed with features to help you minimise admin and maximise your on-demand income.

DIY car finance Splend Flexi own
Car model Toyota Camry Hybrid Toyota Camry Hybrid
Car ownership ?
Dedicated support ?
Good credit history ?
Minimum contract ? 208 weeks 26 weeks
Weekly payment $400 $369
Car payment ? $250 included
Loss & accident cover ? $55 included
Servicing ? $53.5 included
Maintenance ? $16.5 included
Registration & CTP ? $19 included
Rideshare admin ? $6 included
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