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    Uber drivers water
    Uber drivers to provide passengers with life changing water

    Uber drivers water: Splend, Australia’s largest supplier of rental vehicles for rideshare services today announced a partnership between its Uber driver community and social enterprise, Thankyou, to give complimentary bottles of life-changing Thankyou 600ml water to all Uber passengers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra over the next 12…

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    Splend plants 10,500 trees and counting

    Splend has offset the carbon emission of its Uber driver community by planting over 10,500 trees. Like Splend, Greenfleet are leaders in their industry, carrying out real climate change actions through native reforestation projects across Australia and New Zealand. Splend’s CEO, Chris King, said that offsetting the carbon emissions of…

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    Splend partners with Magic Hand Carwash and IMO Car Wash

    Splend is pleased to announce partnerships with Magic Hand Carwash and IMO Car Wash, increasing the portfolio of benefits and discounts available to Splend Members. Splend’s CEO, Chris King, said the partnership with Magic Hand Carwash and IMO Car Wash was another important step to reducing the bottom line for…

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    Uber Adelaide
    Splend launches in Adelaide

    Splend, Australia’s leading provider of rideshare rental vehicles has officially launched in Adelaide. Splend’s expansion follows the announcement that Uber and the South Australian government have reached an agreement, meaning the rideshare giant will be accredited. This move will allow rideshare rental providers to operate legally in Adelaide. Splend CEO,…

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    Splend partners with DriveTax

    Splend is pleased to announce a new partnership with DriveTax. DriveTax is a company that specialises in rideshare tax services and will ensure Splend Members maximise their tax benefits! As an exclusive deal for Splend Members, DriveTax will be providing them with a 20% discount on both BAS Lodgments and Tax Returns. That’s…

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    Join the Splend Community
    Harmony Day – Cultures United Under Splend Banner

    Splend is giving thousands of Australians a fair go by creating unique job opportunities working through on-demand mobile applications such as Uber. By providing brand new vehicles on a flexible weekly rental contract along with coaching, training and mentoring, Splend is allowing its Members to earn an income in a…

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    Halal Expo & Splend
    Splend partners with Halal Expo

    We are pleased to announce that Splend will be a Gold Sponsor of the 2017 Halal Expo at Rosehill Gardens on Saturday 11th February to the Sunday 12th February. The Halal Expo is the only exhibition in the country that caters to the 470,000+ Muslim population in Australia. This unique…

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    Splend and Kia bring a new beat to the rideshare industry

    Splend is Australia’s leading vehicle supplier for on-demand rideshare and delivery services, such as Uber. After launching in July 2015, Splend has been shaking up the rideshare industry providing a complete service for the growing number of people who earn income driving. Kia and Splend formed a strategic partnership in…

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    Splend providing a solution to the WA unemployment crisis

    Splend is an Australian company that is providing the increasing number of unemployed Perth residents the opportunity to earn an income driving with Uber. As it currently stands, the 6.5% unemployment rate in Western Australia is the highest in the nation with upwards of 91,000 people looking for work. Recently,…

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    Splend helping older Australians save for retirement

    The following excerpt appeared in The Guardian, written by Fiona Smith. You can read the full article by following this link. Dave Ogilvy is, as he says, not your average 63-year-old. The UberX driver works up to 80 hours per week and has just about finished saving for his retirement,…

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    Splend Sydney - Taxi Driver
    Evolution of the taxi driver – Innovative vehicle provider shakes up ride share launching Rent-to-Own

    Australia’s consumer transport market is experiencing significant transitions as a power shift from the taxi plate owners, formerly holding the monopoly, to the driver regaining power by becoming their own boss. Recognising this transition phase, innovative on-demand vehicle-subscription provider, Splend, continues to disrupt who is in the drivers seat, launching…

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    Splend Uber
    Rideshare innovator welcomes overdue QLD regulation

    App-based ride-sharing companies now have the green light to operate in Queensland as part of sweeping reforms to the State’s taxi and hire car industry, with vehicle-subscription innovator Splend ready to supply compliant vehicles to aspiring and established Uber drivers. The Queensland State Government announced ridesharing services will be legal…

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    Uber Grandma Splend
    QLD’s Grandma Uber expands her Grandma fleet with Splend

    Grandma Uber, a.k.a Kathy Raydings from Brisbane celebrates QLD’s rideshare regulation by being pimped out with brand new wheels thanks to vehicle-subscription-service Splend. 57-year-old Kathy Raydings left her previous job due to an injury and has been driving on the Uber platform for the past eight months. Her passion to…

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    Splend Cars
    Splend invest $60M worth of Vehicles as car ownership shifts

    On-demand transport is fast growing and successfully breaking down the traditional owner-driver model. It is replacing the need to buy a car – an expensive resource that provides little return on investment. In response to this, start-up Splend has developed a new business model comparable to other disruptive subscription models…

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    Splend extend ridesharing opportunities to hundreds of Aussies

    With 10-15% of uberX applicants not owning a car or having a vehicle older than nine years, Splend is helping remove one of the barriers to entry for prospective ridesharing applicants. Splend, an Australian start-up founded by entrepreneur Chris King, is helping open up economic opportunities for hundreds of Australians…

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    Splend Uber
    Splend welcomes NSW Uber regulation

    Today Mike Baird’s Cabinet passed legislation to allow ride share services, like Uber, to operate legally, as the second state to pass regulation in Australia following the ACT. Barriers to legally operate will now been addressed with tighter regulation for background checks, security and insurance issues. Despite the Australian Taxi Industry opposing…

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