What is a Member Success Representative?

    Member Success Representative - Splend account manager
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    Splend provides every Member with a dedicated Member Success Representative.

    But what does that mean? Think of your Member Success Representative as your guardian angel. Becoming your own boss can be daunting, so your Member Success Representative exists to help you through every step to becoming a successful Uber driver.

    For most Uber drivers, success equates to increased profits and as well as increasing your driver rating. For other Uber drivers, success is providing the best possible experience for their passengers, having fun and meeting new and interesting people.

    Below are some examples of how your Member Success Representative will help you on the journey.

    Signing you up to Uber

    Your Member Success Representative and the sign-up team can process your Uber application for you. By allowing Splend to complete your Uber application, it will reduce the time it takes to get you on the road earning an income!

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    Downloading the Uber mobile application to your smartphone and setting up your Uber account

    Not sure how to setup your Uber account? Don’t worry your Member Success Representative will take you through the process and show you all the important information you will need within the mobile application.

    Developing your income goals and plan of attack

    Every uberX driver has a different goal, whether it is as a part-time driver or a full-time driver. Your Member Success Representative will help you identify your goals and put together a tailored plan of attack to help you achieve them.

    Supplementary income opportunities

    Do you want to earn additional income outside of being an uberX driver? Your Member Success Representative can help you determine what other opportunities will suit your schedule and your goals.

    Monthly catch ups

    Every month it is a Splend requirement to catch up with your Member Success Representative. This monthly catch up is used to determine how you are progressing against your goals. It provides Splend with an opportunity to ensure your car is clean, maintained and kept up to the required safety standard, ensuring higher ratings from passengers.

    Business mentoring

    As an Uber driver, you are a small business owner. Your Member Success Representative is equipped with the required information regarding what it means to be a small business including free registration for your ABN and for GST with our partner DriveTax.

    Vehicle issues

    Should anything go wrong with your car, the last thing you want to do is speak to a call centre that is overseas or doesn’t know who you are. You have the direct contact number for your Member Success Representative who is available to take your car and troubleshoot with you.

    Accident management

    If you are every in an accident, your Member Success Representative will be there to support you along the way. Once you have paid the excess bond, they will ensure you are in a replacement car within 24 hours so you are back on the road earning an income.

    Helping you open an eTag account with the relevant toll provider

    Every Splend Member has to have an eTag in their vehicle with sufficient money on their account. If you don’t have a toll account, your Member Success Representative will step you through the process.

    Deactivated by Uber?

    Your Member Success Representative will book you in for a free re-activation training course and help you develop a plan to increase your rating.

    These are just some examples of times you will be working closely with your Member Success Representative.

    If you want to know more about Splend, give our team a call on 1800 775 363.