Uber increases minimum fare

    Uber minimum fare increase
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    From Friday 9 June 2017 onwards, Uber will be increasing the minimum fare paid by passengers.

    This minimum fare announcement means more money for uberX drivers, especially those who accept a number of shorter trips in and around the CBD of each Australian city

    The minimum fare will increase to $9 in Sydney, $8 in Canberra, $7.50 in Melbourne and Brisbane and $7 in Perth and Adelaide.

    The new minimum fare prices includes an added 55¢ booking fee that is paid by uberX passengers. Uber will take 50¢ of the booking fee and provides drivers with 5¢ to cover the GST component that is paid to the Australian Tax Office.

    The changes were implemented following roundtable discussions with Uber drivers in each city.

    On Thursday 1 June 2017, Splend launched it’s Member Benefits Program, which includes a 6¢ per litre fuel discount at BP Petrol Stations, a weekly fuel credit account with WEX Motorpass, a corporate health plan with HCF and discounted money transfer. Click here to find out more.

    The rise in uberX minimum fares combined with the new Member Benefit Program means that Splend Members are continuing to maximise their income.

    About Splend

    Along with the Member Benefits Program, Splend provides every Member with a brand-new car as well as a dedicated Member Success Representative (MSR), whose job it is to ensure you are successful on the road with Uber.

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    How do I sign up with Splend?

    Approved Uber drivers can get behind the wheel of a brand new car the same day they apply with Splend. To sign up with Splend or to find out more information call our customer service team on 1800 775 363.

    If you are new to Uber and haven’t started the application process, Splend can help you. Simply call our customer service team on 1800 775 363.