How-to guide: own a car from 10 hours a week!

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    Splend’s revamped Rent-to-Own plan provides you with the unique opportunity to own a brand-new car from 10 hours per week.

    10 hours per week? How is that even possible? Well, read the step-by-step guide below to find out more!

    Step 1. Sign up to a rideshare platform

    Rideshare platforms such as Uber provide thousands of Australians the opportunity to earn a primary or secondary income. To start earning an income, you need to become a registered rideshare driver and have access to a car that passes the requirements (generally less than eight years old and passes a safety inspection).

    The rideshare eligibility requirements for each state do vary, but as a general rule, you must meet the following criteria.

    • Over the age of 21
    • Have held a full Australian drivers licence for over 12 months
    • Maintain a clean driving history
    • Pass a background check

    Click here for the complete rideshare eligibility requirements for your state.

    Step 2. Sign up to Splend for flexible car access

    To start earning an income with rideshare platforms such as Uber, you require a car that passes the requirements to begin accepting passengers.

    At Splend, we’ve provided over 7000 Australians with a brand-new or new model car to earn an income with rideshare platforms.

    If you have some previous rideshare experience, then we recommend our Rent-to-Own plan. This unique rental plan gives you the opportunity to own a brand-new car while you make weekly repayments.

    If you are new to rideshare, we recommend trialling our Rent plan first. This rental plan has a minimum rental period of six weeks, the perfect amount of time for you to trial rideshare.

    With both rental plans, Splend covers the cost of the servicing, registration, comprehensive rideshare insurance, compulsory third-party insurance, roadside assistance and any car related documents required for accepting passengers.

    With all these things covered by Splend, all you need to do is focus on earning an income!

    Step 3. Start earning an income with ridesharing

    Now that you are a bonafide rideshare driver behind the wheel of a rideshare approved car, you are ready to hit the road and start earning an income.

    To own a brand-new car from 10 hours per week, you must be available to drive with rideshare platforms during the busiest times of the week. By driving at these times, you are maximising your income and minimising your time on the road.

    From Splend’s Member App data, during the busiest times of the week, Uber drivers can earn on average between $30 – $40+ per hour. By driving 10 hours per week during these times, you could be earning between $300 – $400. On Splend’s Rent-to-Own plan, car ownership starts from $269 per week.

    You will still need to factor in other expenses, such as fuel and set aside money for your tax bill.

    Please note: rideshare earnings do vary from city to city. Therefore, the figures above are a guide only.

    Step 4. Get advice from the best in the business

    Splend provides every Member with a Member Success Representative who will provide you with coaching and training. These individuals have helped hundreds of Uber drivers to become successful.

    Your Member Success Representative will help you create a driving strategy to maximise your income during the busiest times. They will help you to think outside the square and determine what other on-demand platforms you could be earning an income with, such as UberEATS.

    Step 5. Work out a strategy

    To maximise your rideshare income, you need to set weekly goals. Your weekly goals may include the number of hours on the road, the amount you want to earn or the total number of rides you want to accept. By setting goals, you set yourself a clear expectation of what you want to achieve over the week.

    By setting weekly challenges, you are creating self-motivation. How quickly can you reach your goals this week? How much can you earn with one tank of fuel? How many 5-star rides can you give in one night? You might even meet another rideshare driver and set up some friendly competition for the week.

    By setting weekly goals and challenges, you will continue to strive for improvement and thus maintain your weekly earnings average.

    Step 6. Seek independent tax- and accounting advice

    As a rideshare driver, you are a small business owner. Therefore, there are numerous expenses you can claim as a tax deduction. By increasing your tax deduction, you are increasing the money in your pocket.

    DriveTax, a tax & accounting provide for rideshare drivers, provides a complete list of what you can and can’t claim.

    Click here to find the list.

    About Splend

    Splend is more than a car rental company; we provide you with the complete service.

    Find out how we can help you own a car from 10 hours per week by giving our team a call on 1800 775 363.