Rideshare innovator welcomes overdue QLD regulation

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    App-based ride-sharing companies now have the green light to operate in Queensland as part of sweeping reforms to the State’s taxi and hire car industry, with vehicle-subscription innovator Splend ready to supply compliant vehicles to aspiring and established Uber drivers.

    The Queensland State Government announced ridesharing services will be legal from today, with a $100 million taxpayer-funded package expected to soften the impact to taxi drivers.

    Coinciding with the regulation, Splend – a disruptive, vehicle subscription provider catering to on-demand, rideshare drivers – will deliver hundreds of new, compliant vehicles to drivers in Brisbane and South East QLD, who are ready to make the switch to rideshare to earn a part-time or full-time income.

    Chris King, CEO of Splend said, “Rideshare regulation is long overdue and is a major win for Queensland – not only for passengers and drivers but also for the local economy. Rideshare regulation will assist in the creation of new jobs and contribute to innovation through greater connectivity and mobility. Transport Minister Stirling Hinchliffe has reportedly stated that the reforms should deliver an estimated $474 million to the State, which I believe is significant.”

    “With five out of six Australian states enacting regulation, this is opening up enormous opportunities for businesses such as Splend to enter the rideshare economy and develop new service offerings that the taxi industry could not previously cater for,” says Mr King.

    Since July 2015, Splend has assisted more than 868 members enter the rideshare market and gain access to new, compliant vehicles so that drivers can focus on servicing customers and earning an income. “Previously, drivers wanting to enter rideshare but who did not have access to a compliant vehicle would have most likely had to finance a car out of their own pocket or through long-term finance contracts and high interest, but this is no longer necessary,” said Mr King.

    Mr King continues, “I would not be surprised if a considerable number of Queensland’s taxi drivers make the switch to rideshare in the coming months. Taxi Plate Owners are being offered one-off payments of $20,000 per license plate, and the taxi drivers are seeing their incomes fall straight away as consumers shift to rideshare. The taxi drivers now have the opportunity to work less hours and earn more money on platforms like Uber.”

    “Rideshare is fast becoming the preferred option for the commercial passenger industry with improved customer service and reliability, and I commend the government on their forward thinking views of the rideshare economy,” added King.

    Splend’s Member Support Centre – a community depot offering members training, mentoring and maintenance in each state – is what makes the brand’s unique community so appealing creating independent small business operators enjoying the social benefits from the rideshare economy.

    Splend is ready to assist the management of supplying fully serviced, compliant vehicles with no lock in contracts to aspiring on-demand members who will not risk going into debt. For more information visit www.splend.com.au