Information Guide

    Keep this guide handy. It will help you communicate the right message about Splend and ultimately help you earn more rewards.

    1. Rideshare basics

    Splend is an Australian company providing affordable new vehicles for Uber drivers.

    Uber is a mobile app connecting riders with drivers. Based on a peer rating system, drivers and riders give one another a rating at the end of each trip. This keeps the level of service high.


    • You can work your own hours, and fit your driving in around your lifestyle.
    • You are your own boss.
    • You’ll meet new and interesting people every ride.
    • You can make a good income; some Uber drivers make thousands a week.

    2. Why choose Splend?
    Joining Splend is about more than just renting a car for Uber. Here are some of the reasons our members love Splend:


    It’s your car 24/7

    Whether you’re going on holiday or driving for Uber, once you’ve chosen your brand new car, it’s yours 24/7.


    Honest pricing. No hidden or extra costs

    Our fees are simple and straightforward. With Splend, the price you see is the price you pay.


    Increased earnings and better ratings

    Every member has a dedicated Member Success Representative (MSR) to help you maximise your profits and ratings driving for Uber.


    Fuel efficient

    We’ve carefully selected the most economical cars, so your time is more profitable.


    No lock-in contracts

    Changed your mind? You’re not locked in and can return your car with only two weeks’ notice after your minimum period has elapsed.


    Splend member rewards

    We encourage safe driving with rewards like fuel vouchers and more,
    to help cover the costs of driving.


    Exclusive member community events

    We put on free member-only events where drivers can share knowledge, and access expert guidance.


    Rideshare training

    Access Australia’s best Rideshare Training courses to help you maximise your earnings and your rating.


    Referral Program

    Earn $450 for every friend you refer to a Splend Rent-to-Own plan and $250 to Splend Rent plan

    3. Choosing the right plan
    Splend offer two types of vehicle plans across compact, hybrid, SUV and luxury models:

    Drivers rent a new vehicle weekly at our lowest fee.

    Drivers pay a slightly higher weekly fee but own their car after 4 years.

    For current models on offer, head to

    Why choose Rent-to-Own?
    Splend Rent-to-Own gives you the same flexibility as renting, but with the added benefit of building equity in your vehicle.

    Why choose Rent?
    Splend Rent puts you in a new car with no commitments, and no start-up costs on a lower weekly fee. Perfect if you’re just starting out or driving Uber on and off.

    4. How to join Splend
    Becoming a Splend Member is simple. Just go to One of our team will contact you and step you through the process.

    Eligibility requirements

    There are some minimum requirements that you’ll need to satisfy to join Splend. After all, we are renting you a brand new car.

    • You must be at least 25 years old
    • Own a smartphone
    • Have a current valid Australian Drivers License
    • Have no criminal record
    • Have a good driving record

    *For the Rent-to-Own plan, you must have an active ridesharing account & you must have completed at least 400 trips, and have been a ridesharing driver for at least 8 weeks.

    5. Important Information
    Please note the following when you are referring a new driver to Splend.

    Minimum term
    There is a minimum rental period of 6 weeks plus a 2 week notice period. After this 6 week period, you can return the vehicle at any time with 2 weeks notice.

    If you need to return your vehicle within the minimum period, you will be required to pay out the rest of your weekly rental fees up to a minimum of 8 weeks.

    Referral bonus
    To get your bonus, and for your friend to get their discount, make sure they enter your referral code on the sign-up form.

    To sign them up now, just hit the button below to get started.

    Got Questions?

    If you need help signing up, call us on 1800 SPLEND or send an email to