Splend partners with Halal Expo

    Halal Expo & Splend
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    We are pleased to announce that Splend will be a Gold Sponsor of the 2017 Halal Expo at Rosehill Gardens on Saturday 11th February to the Sunday 12th February.

    The Halal Expo is the only exhibition in the country that caters to the 470,000+ Muslim population in Australia. This unique event brings together the Muslim community to showcase Halal food, products, and services, in a highly engaging way.

    Director, Syed Atiq ul Hassan, said events such as the Halal Expo are important in connecting communities from different backgrounds.

    “Our mission is to create awareness and bringing Australians together – from the Islamic and non-Islamic communities – on Halal lifestyle,” said Syed Atiq ul Hassan.

    “The event promotes the Halal industry that operates under a set of values including moral ethics, social responsibility and animal welfare, harmony.”

    Splend has a diverse Member base with multiple ethnicities represented. A large percentage of our Members are Muslim, having immigrated from Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Egypt.

    We are continuing to find new ways to invest in community events that directly support our Members, and we are proud to start our association with the Halal Expo.

    If you are interested in renting a car for Uber, then make sure you visit Splend’s booth at the event to find out why our Members have the highest earnings and ratings amongst all Uber drivers.

    To find out more about the Halal Expo, visit: halalexpo.com.au