Uber unlocks new feature in the Rider App – you can now earn tips!

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    With Uber’s new feature in their Rider App, Riders and UberEATS customers can finally show their appreciation for your service in the form of tips! This is a fantastic addition, adding benefits to both the driver and passenger/customer.

    Get instant rewards for going the extra mile

    It goes without saying that this is a welcome addition. After each successful trip or delivery, clients will have the option to leave you a tip of $1, $3, $5, or manually set a higher amount of up to $50. There will also be no service fee charged – in other words, 100% of the tip will go straight into your bank account.

    In order to take full advantage of the new feature, you will need to continue providing excellent service every time. The good news is it’s not too difficult, and paying attention to a couple of minor details goes a long way.

    Have a look at a few of our tips below and see how Splend can help you earn more tips:

    1. Ask if your passengers have a preferred route

    It’s the small things that make a difference. Though it’s hard to beat the GPS when it comes to calculating the quickest routes, people appreciate the courtesy of asking. You never know, you might even learn a nice shortcut and impress another rider later on!. Having said that, also ask before veering off the path suggested by the App, even if it makes perfect sense to you. Surprising your passengers with alternative routes is not worth the risk, as they’ll be just as grateful for the time you save them if you discuss everything up front.

    2. Have snacks and water handy

    It’s a good idea to keep small packaged snacks in your car which you can hand out to your passengers. What about offering a mint or gum? Your rider will be more than grateful if they’re on their way to a meeting or hot date. A fun size chocolate can also be a winner regardless of the situation. Bottled water will be a lifesaver especially in summer and during night shifts. It’s important to keep costs down, so keep your eyes peeled for supermarket sales before purchasing these snacks.

    A kind action like this is also perfect to spark a pleasant conversation. Be careful when shopping, though, because messy foods like chips or biscuits can lead to the opposite effect, which brings us to the next subject:

    3. Keep your car spotless

    This is a very easily overlooked aspect, and can silently chip away your rating and lower your odds of receiving tips, especially towards the end of your shift. Wet-wipes are a must-have, but even a small cordless vacuum cleaner can be a clever investment. Go for the smallest one you can find so you can easily hide it away in the glovebox, as this is just for mid-shift touch-ups. A small brush will also come in handy for sweeping the car mats under the feet of your riders. Spraying air freshener between rides will also provide a great first impression.

    Top tip: keep your windows clean at all times. Your car’s windows are at the eye level of your riders. Therefore, keeping them clean should be a top priority, as it gives the appearance of a clean car even if the mats or the seats could use some more attention.

    4. Be a good DJ

    Music can lift the mood of your passengers without them even realising, but it is a double-edged sword and it can just as easily get very annoying. Moderation is key, and that goes for volume as well as style. Lower the volume slightly when picking up and dropping off your passengers, and as a general rule, steer away from controversial genres. Mellow instrumental tunes are a safe bet most of the time (unless you’re feeling tired), but most people don’t mind something a little more upbeat either as long as it doesn’t have explicit lyrics or played very loud.

    It’s always a nice gesture and a potential icebreaker to ask your riders if they’d like you to change or stop the music. Consider subscribing to a streaming service where you can find cool playlists that make your life so much easier.

    5. Be mindful of the temperature

    This is another thing that often gets overlooked as you get comfortable in your car. After an hour or two of driving you can get used to the temperature, but your passengers may experience it as extreme, especially if your car is much colder or hotter than the outside. In cold or rainy weather, set your thermostat to no more than 3-4 degrees warmer than the outside temperature.

    During winter months, ensure your own comfort with the heated seats and clothing rather than overheating your car. Passengers will most likely be dressed for the cold and find your car too hot. The same applies for hot summer days as setting the AC too low can make for an unpleasant ride.

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    How can Splend help you get more tips?

    We’re just as excited about the new feature as you are, and determined to help you benefit from it to the max. Let’s see how Splend can contribute to you earning as many tips as possible:

    Every ride is a joyride with a new car

    We know there is no way to be competitive with a car older than five years, regardless of how well it has been looked after. That’s why we offer exclusively new-model cars, and always choose the best car models for ridesharing – plenty of luggage space and a roomy interior are always a must, for example. Apart from the obvious new-car feel and the head-turning factor, driving a new car also means they are packed full of the latest tech that allow for a more pleasant experience.

    Goodies to hand out to your passengers

    Splend provides its Members with a range of delicious goodies that you can hand out to your riders. They always appreciate it with a smile, but this also increases their willingness to leave you a tip. You can pick these up free of charge during your visit to the local Member Support Centre.

    Car wash and other discounts

    We are constantly working on bringing you the best Member Benefits including car wash discounts to keep your car shiny. Ask your Member Success Representative about the list of currently available benefits.

    About Splend

    Splend is a global leader in providing rental vehicles to rideshare drivers, with offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico.

    For more information about Splend, give our team a call on 1800 775 363 or email us at hello@splend.com.au.

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