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To you, it's a chore. To us, it's second nature.

As Uber vehicle partners, we've handled the paperwork of 20,000+ new drivers since 2015.
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Your one-stop-shop to get your driving career into gear

Kickstarting your career as a driver can be frustrating. There’s lots of paperwork, legislation and competition. So how do you get ahead?

We’re your wingman. We’ll sign you up to Uber, take care of the paperwork for you, and help manage your career down the road. You just have to focus on what you do best: drive.

What do members say?


Jay Saleiikk

Very friendly and customer-focused staff. Very helpful, I will highly recommend Splend. I have been leasing from them for three years now. Over the years they got even better. Thank you!

Iltan Yigitler

I'm driving with Splend part-time. I'm really happy with the service that my account manager has provided me. Back when I started, he would call me every week to make sure I get all the tips that I needed. He also helps me with any issues after hours, or even on the weekends, he is still happy to help me. Keep up the good work!

Graham McLaughlin

I've been with Splend for almost a year. For me, the relationships that I've developed with the team have made my ability to do ridesharing seamless. I'm on the Flexi own plan, and I've never had this much financial freedom when buying a car. I wish that I had found them earlier.

Neyth Tagumpay

I am very satisfied with Splend. Their customer service, car maintenance, Uber tips/earning tips are great. I highly recommend Splend for others to engage with them for subscription vehicles.

Eugene Marsh

Best service for rideshare vehicles. I tried a couple of places and Splend is so much easier and they go right out of their way to make sure the vehicle and paperwork are all up to date, so there is no downtime.

Three reasons why H you can rely on Splend

We support you from day one

At Splend, we pride ourselves on our dedicated support. Our customer care team holds your hand through every step of the way to becoming an Uber driver, and beyond. We’ll support you through jargon-heavy legislation, boosting your ratings, and earning more. 


We’re ridesharing specialists

We’ve helped over 20,000 drivers get their careers into gear with Uber since 2015. Shortly after we first opened our doors in Sydney, we set up shop in all Australian territories as well as overseas. Our resources simplify and speed up what you’d otherwise have to figure out yourself.

We like to keep things flexible

Whether you’re already a driver,or just starting out with Uber, we have a plan to supercharge your success. When we say plan, we don’t just mean cars and payments. We’re here to get your career on the road to success.

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