Available Uber-Approved
Cars for Rent

  • Prices start from $279/week
  • All-inclusive subscriptions, more affordable than car finance
  • Eligible for Uber Premier, Uber Comfort, Uber Comfort Electric
  • Splend specialises in rideshare to help you maximise your earning
Rated excellent for Uber car subscription

We calculate your discount based on:

Customer Trips

Your total number of rideshare trips.

KM Allowance

Your chosen kilometre allowances.

Contract Periods

Your chosen minimum term.

Flexi Categories

What’s included with Flexi?

What happens if I change my mind?

We think you’ll love your new-model car. However, we know that circumstances can change, which is why Flexi customers can return their car for no additional charge after the minimum term of 6 weeks.

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What cars are available on our Flexi plan?

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