Our customers wear many hats. The bright and talented Vishal is not only a full-time Uber driver, but also a full-time law student, father, and husband.

Vishal had the opportunity to travel around the world as a former chef on Princess Cruises. He remembers his trips to Alaska, Canada, and Mexico fondly. However, his childhood dream was always to study corporate and commercial law.

He decided to settle in Sydney two years ago, and he was set to make it happen. Uber was a great fit for him because he could study 20-30 hours a week and have the flexibility to work between courses and over the weekend. When he doesn’t have passengers, he often goes offline and grabs one of his textbooks.

He’s even adapted his driving to fit his family schedule – dropping his kids off to preschool in the morning, turning Uber back on, going home to have lunch with his wife before starting another driving shift in the afternoon, and picking up his son on the way home.

Before deciding to drive Uber, Vishal needed a car and considered car subscription or financing. He quickly discarded the idea of personal finance because he wanted to avoid being “locked in for 7 years.” Reminiscing with a smile, he described meeting his Customer Specialist two years ago as meeting a friend. Vishal enjoys subscribing to drive a car from Splend because it’s “hassle-free,” he can drive whenever he wants, and his car’s paperwork and maintenance is always up to date.

He sees it as a major plus that he has various brands available and that he can choose the colour of his car. Chuckling, Vishal mentioned previously driving a Kia Sportage but he’s now upgraded to a 7-seater Mitsubishi Outlander on our Flexi own plan. He often uses it to drive his friends and family to the beach to play cricket – it’s the perfect car for a family man like him.

Working with Splend has also given him the opportunity to have new experiences and make friends. As part of a selected group of Splend customers, Vishal had the chance to work with Kia’s new Fan Fleet during the 2019 Australian Open and had a great time interacting with tennis fans as well as players, and he was even featured on TV.

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