Amazon delivery in Australia through Amazon Flex has instantly become popular with gig workers as it entered the Australian parcel delivery market. Since you only need a car to sign up, it’s a great opportunity to top up your income. In a nutshell, Amazon Flex recruits on-demand drivers to move packages from central delivery stations to customers’ homes.

How to become an Amazon Flex driver?

To become an Amazon Flex driver, you have to meet some requirements, similar to the Uber or Didi driver requirements. If you’re already driving with any of the most popular rideshare apps or other on-demand platforms, signing up for Amazon Flex will be no different. In fact, it’ll be more straightforward as they require less paperwork, most of which you should already have.

Amazon Flex driver requirements

  • 20 years or older
  • Background check
  • Full, unrestricted AU driver’s licence
  • ABN number
  • Smartphone (Android 7.0 or newer, or iOS 13 or higher)
  • Bluecard safety training (for NSW drivers only)


If you fit these criteria and have all the paperwork ready, simply create an Amazon Flex profile online and you’re ready to go.

Amazon Flex car requirements

  • 4-door mid-sized sedan, SUVs, mini van or cargo van
  • Valid car insurance and compulsory third party personal injury cover
  • No age limit (though an older, unreliable car may get you deactivated if you miss deliveries)


Amazon Flex is not picky when it comes to car requirements, but the idea is that it has to be large enough to safely carry enough packages to keep you busy for a few hours. This is why motorcycles and even two-door passenger cars or utes that don’t have a covered bed won’t qualify.

On top of your existing insurance coverage, Amazon will provide Amazon Insurance Coverage which is at no cost to you (subject to deductibles) and will help cover any Amazon Flex deliveries.

All car models available on Splend’s Flexi or Flexi own plans are fit to use for Amazon Flex deliveries and have all the necessary paperwork in place.

To boost your weekly income, you can do parcel delivery and Uber driving at the same time, be active on both platforms and split your working time. Check the Uber driver and car requirements to see if you fit the criteria.

TIP: Even if you’re driving in your hometown, use a navigation app to go straight to the destination through the shortest and cheapest route. 

Check our blog on the ongoing debate Google Maps vs Waze and see which one is better for delivery driving.

Where is Amazon Flex available in Australia?

Amazon Flex is currently available for delivery opportunities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Newcastle. See below the Amazon Flex pick-up locations for each city.

Amazon Flex Sydney


  • Regents Park (DNS2)
  • Botany (XNS1)
  • Glendenning (XNS2)

Amazon Flex Melbournemelbourne_amazon_flex

  • Mulgrave (DVT2)
  • Melbourne Airport (DVT3)

Amazon Flex BrisbaneAmazon Flex Brisbane

  • Pinkenba (DQD1)

Amazon Flex PerthAmazon Flex Perth

  • Kewdale (DWT1)

Amazon Flex NewcastleAmazon Flex Newcastle

  • Mayfield West (XNC1)

Amazon Flex Gold Coastgold_coast_amazon_flex

  • Arundel (XGC1)

Amazon Flex Adelaideadelaide_amazon_flex

  • Cavan (DQQ1)

How does Amazon Flex work?

After downloading the Amazon Flex app and setting up your account, you can easily look for available “delivery blocks” when they’re released weekly. These blocks are set amounts of time that you can reserve in advance, to let Amazon and the clients know when you’re available, and also help you plan ahead both in terms of your schedule and your income.

With every block, you can see the expected earnings and the amount of time it will take you to complete the delivery. Simply choose the block that works best for you and turn off your rideshare apps during the time you’re working with Amazon Flex.

TIP: Use Amazon Flex to top up your rideshare earnings. By using the delivery blocks, you make sure to have plenty of work and a reliable income during the hours when rideshare demand is low.

How much can you earn on Amazon Flex?

When you choose your block, the app gives you a pick-up location, the estimated duration for the trip, and a minimum amount for completing the block. The app will also help you navigate to each destination – you simply deliver the package that corresponds with that address.

How do you get paid on Amazon Flex?

Once you complete your deliveries, Amazon Flex will pay you once a week via direct deposit. You can track this in your Earnings section within the Amazon Flex app.



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