During the past years, on-demand drivers have been able to take advantage of the rising demand for delivery services and have shifted their attention towards package and food delivery apps to supplement their income.

We chatted with one of our customers the other day (who chose to remain anonymous) to see how he’s maximising his income across multiple on-demand platforms, including Amazon Flex and Uber Eats. Our silent helper was kind enough to share his experience with us. Here’s his advice on driving for Amazon Flex.

1. Don’t hesitate to sign up

Many rideshare drivers are aware of the benefits of topping up your income with parcel deliveries, but get discouraged by the paperwork and postpone signing up for months. The full onboarding at Amazon Flex might take a while, but once you’re in, the platform is very rewarding and easy to navigate.

All you need is to have an approved four-door car with up-to-date paperwork and to pass a background check.

2. Use time blocks to your advantage

Amazon Flex allows drivers to book in a set amount of time when they want to work, known as blocks.

For example, the team at Amazon Flex releases a new set of blocks on Fridays, and our customer usually reserves a four-hour block for the following week, whenever he expects a low demand on the rideshare apps. This way he knows he’ll earn a minimum of $200 in this period, even if he’d otherwise be wasting time waiting for a ride request.

3. Always know how much Amazon Flex pays

Delivery drivers are paid per delivery block, instead of per hour or per delivery altogether. The app will show you what blocks are available for delivery, as well as how much time it takes to complete the delivery and how much money you’ll get for it. Earnings are tracked in the app and you get paid every Wednesday.

4. Discover similar apps

Once you get the hang of delivery driving with Amazon Flex, you’ll have a world of other earning opportunities at your fingertips. For example, this same Splend customer often uses his car for Uber Eats too.

Uber Eats can be tricky around the city centre because of parking difficulties and having to wait for restaurants to finish the orders, so his top tip is to go online when you’re in the suburbs. This way, you can find parking easily and continue to earn top-up income besides your Uber trips.

5. Enjoy it

Delivery driving is a great way to take a break from ridesharing. There’s a certain kind of pressure in personal transport that – weirdly enough – you might only notice once it goes away. One of our customer’s favourite things about delivering for Amazon Flex is that he can take advantage of being alone in his car.

You finally get a small window to focus on your thoughts, put on your favourite music, or listen to a podcast you’ve wanted to enjoy for a long time but never had the chance.

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