What’s it like to work at Splend?

    Power to the people

    If you get a kick out of making a positive, tangible difference to people’s lives, then you’re in the right place. That might sound odd coming from a company that provides cars to drivers, but here’s the thing…

    We’re not about cars. We’re about people. Splend is about giving people from all walks of life the freedom to earn an income. Our model is flexible car access, rental and rent-to-buy, but when it comes down to it, what matters the most is the positive impact we make on the lives of our Members. That comes in the form of training, analytics and community that empower them to become more profitable, safer, and fulfilled. In addition, we handle all of the necessary financing, insurance and maintenance, so that our Members can focus on earning an income.

    Who we’re looking for at Splend

    The people who work at Splend are almost as diverse as the people who use Splend. We say almost, because to date we’ve helped thousands of people gain access to a vehicle for work, and start earning money.

    The team at Splend is passionate about breaking down the barrier between ‘Want to earn’ and ‘Able to earn’. That barrier looks different for everyone, whether it’s not owning a car, or having a car that isn’t up to standard. Whatever the reason, everyone at Splend is committed to helping our Members to get behind the wheel and start earning — with the support they need to thrive.

    Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from a number of our global team below.

    Chris King
    CEO & Founder
    London, United Kingdom

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    Whether big or small, people are the cornerstone of every business. When founding Splend, I was excited about the opportunity to surround myself with people who were experts in their field so I could embed their knowledge into our growing business. Despite this rapid growth, we know people are our biggest asset. This means we search far and wide to attract the best talent and make certain we have the culture, benefits and opportunities to retain them.

    Our people experience significant on the job learning, mentoring and coaching from our business leaders and we are committed to ongoing improvement in this space. We hold regular feedback surveys to understand the key drivers for our employees so we can sync our workplace practices and make it an even better place to work.

    We know that by creating a motivated workforce, we are enabled to achieve our mission of becoming the global market leader in flexible vehicle access and ownership, through enabling on-demand income opportunities and creating value for our Members.

    Alan Hunter
    Sales Manager
    Sydney, Australia

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    As the first employee at Splend, I’ve witnessed the business grow from the humble dining table beginning to a market leader in flexible vehicle access and ownership with offices located around the world.

    With a previous background of managing teams in hospitality, I’ve taken the customer first mentality that was instilled in me into key business areas within Splend including sales, operations, product, fleet and innovation. When I take the opportunity to reflect on the opportunities I’ve had at Splend, I still have to pinch myself. I never imagined the success we would achieve, taking Splend from a concept to a business that has positively impacted thousands of people’s lives.

    I have had the opportunity to build our sales systems and processes from scratch. We started with a single sales resource and the dreaded excel spreadsheet. Now we boast robust sales systems and processes as well as a scalable sales structure that comprises of industry experts who help our customers through every step of their journey. Oh, and we make sure we have fun along the way by celebrating our successes and reflecting on the difference we make to the lives of our customers. One piece of advice I give every new employee is to sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride because Splend will take you to places you never imagined.

    Simona Savu
    Talent & Culture System Administrator
    Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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    What I love most about working at Splend is that I’m contributing to the continued growth of a scalable business and that I’m responsible for driving the team to overcome every new challenge we face. Overcoming these challenges continues to propel our personal development and growth.

    We have a workforce of motivated people who are passionate about the Splend brand and continually strive to find ways to implement new ideas that ultimately improve the business. There is no better time to join Splend and help us become a global market leader in flexible vehicle access and ownership.

    Armando Flores
    Head of Country
    Mexico City, Mexico

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    Working at Splend allows you the opportunity to join a fast growing business with highly engaged individuals from around the world. Splend’s culture empowers individuals to share new ideas and implement them quickly creating an inclusive environment where you can thrive personally and professionally.

    Joining Splend has been the best career decision I’ve made in over 15 years, allowing me to combine my automotive industry experience with the expanding on-demand economy. At Splend, you see the impact the company has within the community, and observe first-hand the gratitude of people who have been quickly and successfully self-employed with our services.

    Abe Tomas
    Global CFO
    Melbourne, Australia

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    After working in the automotive and finance industry for over 25 years, Splend was a company I followed closely due to its disruptive nature in the market. After watching the business go from strength to strength, I was delighted when approached with the opportunity to join the Splend Board and take on the role of Global Chief Financial Officer.

    We are transitioning a start-up to a mature company. This involves managing a global team to implement the essential steps required to ensure the business can continue its impressive global growth. The most significant difference I’ve noticed since joining the Splend team is the fast-paced environment in which we operate and how quickly projects progress to completion. People really band together as a team to make things happen!

    Catherine Xu
    Marketing Manager
    Sydney, Australia

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    A statement I once read in a study – “you spend more time with the people at work than your family” has always resonated strongly with me. It is so crucial for me to be working in an environment that is filled with a diverse, engaged, and passionate range of individuals and here, everyone is striving to be part of the story that is Splend.

    As a disruptor in the rideshare space, Splend’s ability to change and grow is beyond anything I’ve seen. If you’re someone who thrives on working in a fast-paced environment, with innovative ideas, and a passion to constantly learn, then you’ve come to the right place!

    Working with the Australian team has been just amazing. I’ve had the opportunity to work on some super fun and exciting projects and have been able to meet and spend time with our Members. At Splend, there is never a dull day!

    Scott Watson
    Head of Operations
    Toronto, Canada

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    Being a part of Splend has afforded me opportunities that don’t exist in your average job. The company’s growth is on hyperdrive, meaning my professional development has kept pace, and I have crammed decades of experience into a few short years. Over the last three years, I have been a part of and lead multiple new territory launches, built out and managed teams, and travelled extensively within Australia and Internationally. I am now the current City Launch Manager and Head of Operations for Ontario, Canada.

    Working for a rapidly growing business is demanding yet very rewarding. It is a fast-paced, and competitive environment, in which you must have a desire to win. You are continually learning, sharing ideas and exercising creativity. If you have a good idea, there is always someone that will listen; and if it is good enough, you’ll have the support to make it material. The fact that the communication channels are unconventionally horizontal, you can achieve exposure to all parts of the business which is unique and has accelerated my career development.

    Danielle Hanson
    Member Success Representative
    Adelaide, Australia

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    Working for Splend has provided me with the opportunity to utilise my previous experience to help our Members be successful on the road. As on-demand workers, our Members are small business owners who require coaching and strategy sessions so they can stay focused and achieve their goals. Seeing the positive impact my work has on Members is truly rewarding.

    At Splend, you are a part of a team that feels like a family which makes coming to work every day enjoyable and fun. We work hard and motivate each other to achieve more and more for our Members.

    Here are some of the common traits of people who love working at Splend:

    • Humanity — We’re all people, working to make life better for other people. Whatever skills you bring to the table, we’ll make sure they’re used for the greater good, and that you’re rewarded for it.
    • Positivity — We believe that fortune favours the brave, and that the first step towards doing anything is to go at it with positivity. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to participate in anything like the dreaded ‘We are Walmart’ chant….
    • Deep knowledge — You don’t need to be Stephen Hawking, but we do appreciate a deep understanding of your chosen field so that you know what good looks like and how to get there.
    • Collaborative — We need you to be true to your self, whilst encouraging you to collaborate, to challenge, and to share your ideas.
    • Tenacity — Our industry can be a tricky one, but as long as you come at it with curiosity and a willingness to roll up your sleeves, you’ll do great. This is a competitive field, and we don’t plan on coming in second. Simple as that.

    Which brings us nicely to…

    Culture and rewards

    Most places split these sections into two, but we only need two sentences to describe the culture at Splend.

    We work hard for our Members, and we celebrate our achievements. Nothing great happens in isolation, and so we simultaneously push and support one another to identify uncharted realms of greatness.

    So how about it? You want in? Click the button below to view our latest openings — and if there’s nothing you fancy, but you’re convinced that we couldn’t possibly live without you, drop us an email at talent@splend.com.

    Equal Opportunity Statement

    Splend is a progressive, open-minded and inclusive Equal Employment Opportunity employer who welcomes you as you are! Splend takes pride in its diverse workforce and firmly believes that it’s our unique differences that make us so great at what we do!

    Splend does not, under any circumstances, make hiring or employment decisions on the basis of any prohibited ground, including but not limited to race, colour, religion or religious belief, ethnic or national origin, nationality, sex, gender, gender-identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, military or veteran status, or any other basis protected by applicable local, provincial, or federal laws or prohibited by Company policy.

    Splend is committed to a healthy, safe and inviting work environment where harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

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