Our vision

    A future where
    every on-demand
    driver can be

    Principles that drive us

    Refreshing frankness.

    We cut through the sales chatter and tell people how it is. From our comms to our customer service, we’re open, candid, and down-to-earth. We take time to empathise with our members, so everything we say and do stays relevant. 

    Proactive optimism.

    We’re motivated on behalf of our members. We’re naturally positive and focus on solutions rather than fixating on problems. We’re all about getting things done, in the best way possible.

    Knowledgeable support.

    We care about what we do and have the knowledge and data analytics to be the best at it. We’re approachable experts and apply our skills for the benefit of others. Our supportive team is always ready to help. 

    Our journey

    Splend provides eco-friendly and affordable cars to on-demand drivers, so they can focus on earning an income.

    For over five years, we’ve been helping drivers earn more, improve their ratings, and enjoy their jobs. How do we do that? By offering an unrivalled level of support for our members.

    We’re more than a car supplier. We provide resources and a community for drivers wanting to be their best. From dedicated support to advanced training and rewards, we help our members take control of their careers with our flexible plans.

    Splend was founded in Sydney in 2015. As on-demand driving became part of modern society, we expanded to seven cities across Australia, and Europe, grew our global team to over 100 employees, and raised $25 million to date.

    We’ve helped students, retirees, former refugees, and single parents find work they love, which fits their lifestyle. We take pride in everything our members and teams achieved so far, and we’re only just getting started.

    Minimising our carbon footprint

    We have a growing number of eco-friendly cars in our fleet and are continually investing in initiatives that reduce our carbon footprint.

    Working at Splend, globally