Testimonials Our members say it better than anyone else.


Our first member to take full ownership of his car, Gurinder was completely new to Uber when he chose our Rent to own plan. He went with Splend because he found our services “very easy to use” and the team helped him gather all the paperwork and get started with Uber. Hear his story here >>


An extremely bright and talented young man, Olu is living the dream playing the trumpet in his band, and he drives to earn money whenever he has some time to kill. We met Olu thanks to his friend – also a musician and Splend member – who’s put in a good word for us through our referral program. Hear his story here >>


Graham picked up on-demand driving after his nursing career was cut short because of an accident. Not one to hide away from a bold move, he saw this as an opportunity to rebrand himself and along came #thebestuberever. Graham has now decked out his car with 1,000 LED lights, lollies, and more. Hear his story here >>


Vishal is not only a full-time Uber driver, but also a law student, father, and husband. He was considering buying a car but ended up choosing our more flexible Rent plan. Vishal was glad not to be locked into a contract for years and that he didn’t need to pay a large down payment, and he particularly enjoyed that he was able to pause his payments during his 7-month trip to India. Hear his story here >>

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What documents do I need for signing up?

  • Driver’s licence
  • Proof of address
  • Your passport or citizenship certificate
  • Driving history

How much does it cost to get started?

New members pay a joining fee from $275 with weekly rental plans starting from $299 on Rent and $329 on Rent to own.

Our weekly plans run Monday-Sunday. When collecting your car, you’ll pay one full week in advance, plus the day of pickup and remaining days of the week. So, if you collect your car on a Friday, we’ll charge you the weekly rental plus daily rates for Friday – Sunday. Learn more about our start up costs here.

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