Available Rent-To-Own
Uber-Approved Cars

  • Price of Premium EVs start from $263/week + running costs
  • All-inclusive subscriptions, more affordable than car finance
  • Eligible for Uber Premier, Uber Comfort, Uber Comfort Electric
  • Splend specialises in rideshare to help you maximise your earning

Cars Available with Flexi own

What’s included with Flexi own?

What happens if I change my mind?

We think you’ll love your brand-new car which you will own at the end of your subscription. However, we know that circumstances can change, which is why Flexi own customers can return their car for no additional charge after the minimum term.

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The more you drive, the sooner you’ll own your car

If you exceed the weekly 1,000 kilometer quota, any excess kilometre charges are removed from your total cost of ownership, meaning you own the car sooner.

How much do you drive each week?

When will you own your car?


This calculator assumes a weekly payment of $319 with excess kms charged at $0.10 per km, and is for illustration purposes only. Please ask our team for more information.

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Disclaimer: Vehicle images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not reflect your exact choice of vehicle, color, trim and specification.
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