The best thing about driving Uber: you can choose when and how much you want to work. But we’re sure you’re wondering how much do Uber drivers earn in Australia?

People drive with Uber for different reasons including:

  1. Driving with Uber full-time as a professional driver
  2. Driving with Uber as a second source of income (to supplement a part-time revenue, a pension or other allowance)
  3. Driving with Uber part-time (if studying, following a passion, etc.)

As a result, your earnings will more or less reflect the amount of time you dedicate to driving, but we advise you to leave room for variables when managing your expectations. Unexpected traffic jams might force you to put in an extra hour or two, but surge pricing during rush hours and sudden weather changes will boost your earnings if you’re lucky.

Below is an estimation of the earnings for a driver who subscribes to drive a brand new Uber car from Splend.

Hours per week Estimated profit,
after fuel
Flexi or
Flexi own plan
Your estimated
weekly income
45 ~$1,300 – $1,400 from $279 or $329 ~$1,000

To put these numbers into context, the minimum wage in Australia was $19.40 per hour in 2020 according to – this amounts to $873 in a 45-hour work week.

Comparison website Finder also published an Uber calculator to address the question; How much can you really make as an Uber driver? This Uber Fare Estimate & Cost Calculator allows you to input your earnings and your costs.

How much do Uber drivers earn in Australia, by state?

Splend has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Canberra. Therefore, our members are reporting slightly different earnings in each state. Below is a breakdown of the earnings in each of the major cities.

  • In Sydney and Melbourne, some professional drivers who drive Splend cars on a subscription plan earn up to $1,500 – $2,000 per week driving Uber, earning $40+ per hour at peak times. 
  • In Brisbane, some of our pro drivers earn over $35 per hour at peak times, making up to $1,250 – $1,500 per week with Uber.
  • In Perth, some Splend members earn up to $1,000 – $1,500 per week with Uber.

This article is based on aggregated income data from Splend members in Australia. 

Splend provides every member with a dedicated Member Success Representative, whose job is to ensure you’re the most profitable Uber driver you can be. These colleagues there to guide you through the process of becoming an Uber driver and take care of your car servicing needs.

See our plans and pricing to find out more, or sign up to Splend to have our customer service team call you.

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