At Splend, we’re fast-tracking the move to green mobility for rideshare drivers. We’re big fans of electric cars, which is why we’re excited to launch the award-winning Polestar 2 in Sydney. As a rideshare driver, it’s essential that you drive a car which enhances your career.

One of the first customers who took the plunge was Anthony, who’s now the proud driver of the Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor EV. After several weeks on the road, he was ready to share his EV experience for those who are still on the fence.

Anthony took the first step towards going green in 2018, when he made the switch to the Toyota Camry Hybrid on our Flexi own plan. As a full-time Uber driver, Anthony was able to own his Camry three months ahead of his contract term. He then went fully electric and upgraded to the new Polestar 2, which, according to him, was one of the best decisions he made.

Coming to the end of the term on my contract, as much as I loved my Camry, I needed something different. I had already been contemplating EVs for a few years, and after speaking to the Customer Specialists at Splend and seeing the Polestar 2, I just fell in love with it.

Moving to an EV and letting go of the Camry he loved was a big step for Anthony and the Polestar 2 was the first EV he ever drove. After a test drive at Splend, he was hooked on the panoramic roof, the extended safety features, not to mention the signature Thor hammer LED headlights, and the 551 km range it provides.

What I most love about it is how cost-effective it turned out to be. I’m also very impressed with the finish of the car and the overall aesthetics. All in all, it’s a real car with great features, with more than enough range for what I do as a rideshare driver.

Anthony admits to having doubts about driving a fully electric car, he was mostly worried about the charging aspect. He did his research about what it means to charge your EV daily, the charging stations in Sydney, charging speed, prices – everything he could think of.

He concluded that while generally, Australia is still in its infancy stage of EV infrastructure, NSW is leading the way with 93 fast chargers and 463 standard charging public charging stations available. The network is growing by the day, so he was able to put his worries and range anxiety aside. Whatsmore, he’s going to be charging his car at home.

I plan on charging my car mostly at home and then, depending on my trips and how my days turn out, I’ll use public charging stations. I love the fact that the car maps out all the charging stations for you, so it makes it even easier for me.

Anthony’s favourite thing about the Polestar 2? He can’t stress it enough – the lower running costs and increased earnings on offer. He’s also eligible to drive with Uber Premier with his new car, which means even more money for him.

And of course, Anthony is delighted with the panoramic roof, which he plans to enjoy while taking long drives to the blue mountains and scenic Australian roads.

Forget range anxiety and high running costs

Get the Polestar 2 Long Range from $479 per week on Flexi own

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