Get a car from Splend and enjoy Uber driver benefits beyond the wheel

We’re more than an Uber car subscription provider. We’re riding shotgun to help you become an Uber driver, get your business on the road and be successful long-term.

Besides offering you a wide variety of cars to thrive as an Uber driver, we’re here to ensure you make the best out of your ridesharing career. That’s why, as a Splend customer, you benefit from dedicated support, professional training and special benefits.

Dedicated support

Splend provides every customer with a dedicated Customer Specialist. We will be there to guide you through every step of becoming an Uber driver. Besides offering support for your Uber on-boarding, your Customer Specialist will also help you put together your income goals and driving strategy, inform you about additional income opportunities and help you manage car issues, accidents, tolls, fines. 

Car replacement

No one plans to have an accident but you can rest assured knowing that Splend has you covered if you find yourself in a not-at-fault accident. Splend will have you back on the road, in an Uber-ready car and earning an income as soon as possible. 

24/7 breakdown assistance 

If you get stuck on the road, simply call 1800 775 363, follow the prompts and help will be on its way. The best part is, there is no charge – it’s all part of your weekly plan.

Splend App

For always being up to date with on-demand news and opportunities, you get access to the Splend Customer App. Using this app, you can easily manage your account — see invoice history, check current mileage, book car maintenance appointments or request for roadside assistance.

Referral program

Do you know someone who’d like to start working with Uber? If so, you can earn $150 through our referral program. Your friend will also get $50 off for one of their weekly subscription payment – it’s a win-win. And the best news — how much you earn it’s only up to you. There’s no cap for this program. Feel free to share your referral code with as many people as you want. 

Customer events

Our monthly customer events feature presentations from rideshare experts, Splend partners, and more. It’s also a great opportunity to meet and network with other Uber drivers. At these events, our customers enjoy fun and educational activities. The goal is to build a strong professional network while having a good time in an informal setting. 

Professional training

Our team consists of specialists willing to share their rideshare knowledge with you and help you become a better, more lucrative driver. You can stop by at one of our Splend Hubs and attend driver training courses or book a 1-on-1 session for more personal help.

Why Splend?

Thousands of people have driven Uber with Splend, earning a great income with the flexibility of being their own boss. Check out our Splend customer reviews to hear it from our customers themselves.

For details on how to access these benefits and more special deals, pay a visit to your local Splend Hub or give your Customer Specialist a call.

About Splend

We enable people to make money by driving for on-demand apps such as Uber.

We’re more than a car subscription provider. In addition to new-model cars and all the essentials to start earning money with Uber as quickly as possible, our customers enjoy driver training and dedicated support, as well as customer benefits such as partner discounts and exclusive events.

For more information about Splend, make an appointment and drop by to your local Splend Hub, email us, or say hello on 1800 775 363.