Payment holiday

Payment holiday terms and conditions

  1. Splend may, in its absolute discretion, offer the Customer a Payment Holiday period. 
  2. The Customer may, after 6 months from the Commencement Date, claim a Payment Holiday period of 4 weeks anytime during the next 6-month period and will be entitled to a further 4 weeks payment holiday on each 12-month anniversary thereafter. 
  3. During the Payment Holiday period, no weekly subscription payments will be required to be made but the length of the Payment Holiday will be added to the duration of the Agreement. 
  4. During the Payment Holiday the vehicle is not permitted to be driven more than 100 kilometres within a single week and must be used for personal reasons only.
    • If the vehicle is driven more than 100 kilometres the Payment Holiday will be revoked, and the weekly invoice will be immediately due 
    • During the term of this agreement, if notice supplied within the term, the utilised holiday period will be added to the minimum notice period 
  5. The Weekly Subscription Payment to be paid upon resumption after any Payment Holiday is the next scheduled amount which was due to be paid prior to the commencement of the Payment Holiday
  6. Payment Holidays apply from Monday to Sunday of a week. 
  7. Payment Holidays can only be taken in weekly increments and not days.
  8. Payment Holiday allowance cannot be carried over to the following 12 months.
  9. The Payment Holiday does not include any kilometres or ancillary charges. Any kilometres or ancillary charges incurred during this period will be include in the next scheduled payment
  10. Payment Holiday requests must be made at least 1 week before the payment holiday week is due to begin 
  11. Payment Holidays must be cancelled at least 1 week before the payment holiday week is due to begin. 

Cancellation notice for the agreement cannot be provided during the Payment Holiday 

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