Campbell decided to become an Uber driver four years ago. He’s also been a long-time Splend customer ever since. When he thinks about what he loves most about being an Uber driver on the busy streets of Perth, he says:

What I most enjoy about this job is you never know who you’re going to meet, what their story is, or where they’re going.

His journey with Splend started out with the Flexi plan. After just one year, he decided that it was the Flexi own that was a better fit for his needs. He’s been on this plan for the last three years and he’s not going back. Why? Because he’s enjoying his 7 seater Mitsubishi Outlander too much.

What I love about this car is that it has lots of room, which is great, especially for airport trips or weekend family pickups. The bigger, the better, I say!

Campbell mentioned that he chose the Mitsubishi Outlander not only because it’s so big and offers so much legroom, but also because of the many advanced options it comes with and most importantly, its fuel efficiency.

The Outlander is also Campbell’s first new car, which makes it even more special for him. We were also curious how he feels after so many years as a Splend customer. This is what he had to say:

What I like most about Splend is the availability. In case anything happens to your car, it’s really nice to know that there’s someone there to help. I also like the easy weekly payments and the all-included service. It makes everything a lot easier.

At his last visit at the Splend Hub, as part of his customer benefits package, he was surprised with a couple of free hand sanitiser bottles that he can put in his car for himself and his riders.

About Splend

We enable people to make money by driving for on-demand apps such as Uber.

We’re more than a car subscription provider. In addition to new-model cars and all the essentials to start earning money with Uber as quickly as possible, our customers enjoy driver training and dedicated support, as well as customer benefits such as partner discounts and exclusive events.

For more information about Splend, make an appointment and drop by to your local Splend Hub, email us, or say hello on 1800 775 363.