Christopher made a massive step in his rideshare career by upgrading to MV plates.

Drivers in South Australia have the opportunity to increase their rideshare earnings by adding MV (Metropolitan Vehicle) plates on their Splend Flexi own cars. The MV plates provide a personalised service for passengers wishing to book a car and a driver for a special event. It’s mainly used for corporate, government or tourism work. 

Adding MV plates to their car allow drivers to take direct-booking rides through an operator and decide the fares for their services. 

Christopher, one of our longest-serving members in South Australia, took this opportunity as soon as he heard about it. With seven years of rideshare driving behind him, he wanted to take his career to the next level and significantly increase his earnings.  

Having a solid experience in on-demand driving, I know how to juggle rideshare opportunities and make the best out of this job. I drive around 80 hours a week and switch to multiple platforms, from Uber, Ola and Didi to Zoom2U, Sherpa, and Jimmy Brings. And now, MV chauffeuring.

Christopher has been a Splend customer since 2018 when we opened our Hub in Adelaide, and he’s currently driving the 7-seater Mitsubishi Outlander on our Flexi own plan. 

I chose a 7-seat car to access more ride opportunities. It gives me a competitive advantage when it comes to bigger jobs in private driving and makes me eligible for UberXL rides. As a plus, it also lives up to the quality standards MV plates driving requires.

After many years spent on-demand driving, switching rideshare platforms and delivery services, upgrading to MV plates felt like a natural next step in Christopher’s career, offering him multiple benefits — increased earnings, more flexibility and higher-quality rides. 

One of the things I love most about MV chauffeuring is being able to choose my jobs. I have multiple repeat business customers, who have appreciated the high level of service I provide.

The flexibility of MV chauffeuring is also reflected in Christopher’s earnings. Besides having the option to choose his jobs, he can also set his service’s fares.  

I earn now around $50-$70 per hour on weekdays, reaching even $105 per hour on weekends. Compared to rideshare driving, where you have no control over the fares and have to pay a commission, with MV plates, you can charge how much the service you provide deserves and keep the full amount since there’s no service commission.

Driving with MV plates also has small advantages that make a big difference, such as access to premium parking at Adelaide Airport. 

With MV plates added to my car, I can use the premium parking at the airport for pick-ups. Usually, there’s no queue, and I can head straight to the pick-up location and avoid making my passenger wait too long.

Although his main focus is MV chauffeuring now, Christopher continues to utilise rideshare platforms such as Uber, as it’s an important part of his driving strategy.  

I still do rideshare driving when I need to fill the gaps in private work, it helps me avoid long pauses mid-work and maximise my earnings. It’s also a great opportunity to attract more riders for MV plates driving — a satisfied rideshare passenger can be a future passenger for private jobs.

Christopher is grateful to have found Splend and benefited from their support throughout the process of adding MV plates. 

I’m so happy I chose Splend, the quality of their services is unmatched, I get to drive an outstanding car and pay for it as I earn. Adding MV plates to my car was easy and hassle-free thanks to the Splend team since they handled most of the work.

For Christopher, success in the rideshare industry comes with keeping everything you do to a high standard — picking a great car, offering high-quality services and planning a driving strategy to help you thrive.  

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