There’s always some scepticism before any novelty is widely accepted – it’s human nature to be cautious. People were sceptical of all new technologies at first, from the internal combustion engine to the internet, technologies that turned out to change the world as we see it forever and improve our day-to-day existence. It will not be all that different with EV technology, either. 

In recent years, we have seen many on-demand drivers switching to electric cars, and the reason is simple — electricity costs less than petrol or diesel, leaving more money in your pocket. 

Concerns about range are still the main reason holding back many rideshare drivers from upgrading to an electric car. Before making the switch, drivers ask themselves if the EV range is enough for Uber driving or if the visits to the charging stations will tighten up their schedules. 

IMPORTANT: Luckily, the electric cars industry has made significant progress in terms of range in the past years, with most EV models being able to travel 350 km on average, extended range models even reaching over 500 km on one charge.  

If you’re still on the fence about whether going electric is a good choice for Uber driving, we’ve answered the most common concerns on this topic.  

Do electric cars have enough range for my daily needs as an Uber driver? 

At Splend, we closely monitor how much Uber drivers earn and drive so we can always offer the cars and services that best suit their goals.  

Most Uber drivers in Australia drive around 100-200 km daily, so even if you start the day at 70-80% charge, you’ll get home with plenty of headroom left. If you plan to drive more, don’t worry — you can opt for an EV model with an extensive range or use the public chargers across the city for small top-ups to get you through your workday. 

Did you know? Another advantage for Uber drivers in electric cars is getting more trip requests through the Uber Green feature, where riders can request to travel in a zero-emission car. 

This makes their work much more efficient, so they can afford to work fewer hours, and ultimately, their cars consume less in a typical day. As a bonus, driving less saves good money on maintenance, too, of which EVs require less anyway. 

Are electric cars suitable for city driving?  

EVs were born for the city. Sure, on a trip outside town, you’d need to stop at least once to charge up even the Polestar 2, which is popular for its above-average range. And it will take a while until you can set off again, adding a few hours to your trip. But you’ll rarely use up a full charge in the city in a day. 

Did you know? Electric cars are more efficient in the city than on the motorway because they only consume when accelerating and charge the batteries when you’re braking or ‘engine braking’.

Also, waiting for your car to charge in the city doesn’t have to be a waste of time. You can plug it into a fast charger during your lunch break or while you run errands. By the time you finish your grocery shopping, it’s ready for the next day. 

Can you run without battery on your EV?  

The theory is hard to argue with — running out of juice with an EV is a significant trouble. And if you’re down to the last electrons, it will take even more time to get back on the road. 

However, it’s not pleasant to run out of petrol either. You won’t have trouble keeping enough charge in your EV if you’re responsible enough not to run your petrol car on the last fumes. 

Yes, with an EV, you’ll probably always have charging somewhere in the back of your mind. But all it takes is a little getting used to and developing a new habit. The rewards are worth it, and it’s not as big of a compromise as people make it out to be.  

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