Have you spotted the sleek Kia EVs cruising through town? Splend has collaborated with Kia and Uber to provide complimentary rides for Australian Open attendees and Uber One members. Members of Uber One were treated to complimentary transportation between their homes and the Australian Open venue (within a 5-kilometer radius) aboard the latest Kia EVs…the EV9 and the EV6, courtesy of Splend.


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One of Splend’s drivers, Dean was amongst a lucky few to get this opportunity to drive around in the latest EV from Kia, the EV9. And it wasn’t just the latest Kia EV9 that was the star of the show. To his utmost surprise, Dean found out that he is privileged as he got a once in a lifetime opportunity to drive around with a global Tennis celebrity, Andre Agassi!


Book a Test Drive for Polestar 2


Dean, a Splend Flexi own customer, has been relishing the perks of ownership and the additional advantages bundled with Splend’s subscription. In a conversation with Dean, we delved into his experience of enjoying a premium rideshare, which not only enhance his earnings but also provides a superior driving experience. Dean made a strategic shift from a Toyota Camry Hybrid to a Kia Carnival, a move that has nearly doubled his earning potential, especially with Uber Max and XL rides.


Opportunities of this caliber during the Australian Open are rare occurrences. However, as a Splend Flexi owner subscriber, you hold the privilege of positioning yourself at the forefront of the rideshare experience. Moreover, you gain exclusive access to product experts from renowned manufacturers such as Tesla and Polestar, in addition to the expertise of our dedicated EV specialists at Splend.


Experience firsthand why Splend Flexi own stands out as the intelligent choice for rideshare car ownership and higher earning opportunities by watching the video below. Reach out to us if you’re ready to make a savvy ownership decision and take advantage of the added benefits of becoming a Splend Flexi own subscriber. Check out our conversations with Dean:











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