As part of Uber’s global efforts to switch to a fully-electric fleet by 2040, Uber has launched their Uber Green service in Australia, starting 8th June 2023.

With Uber Green, passengers can request a ride in an electric or hybrid vehicle currently for the same price as an UberX ride.  

This initiative is set to encourage more drivers to switch to electric vehicles and more riders to try the unique experience EVs offer. In the first quarter of 2023, there were 1,250 EVs operating on the Uber platform in Australia, with riders taking more than 567,000 trips in zero-emission cars. With the launch of Uber Green and other Uber incentives for EV drivers, this figure is expected to grow in the following period, making sustainable green rides in Australia more accessible than ever before.  


What is Uber Green?

Uber Green is an option within the Uber passenger app that allows riders to call a hybrid or electric car instead of a diesel or petrol to help keep Australian cities’ air cleaner – currently at no extra cost. 

Where is Uber Green available?

Uber Green is currently available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra. 

How much do Uber Green trips cost?

Uber Green trips will have the same fares as UberX rides, with no additional charges.  

How can I be eligible for Uber Green?

To drive for Uber Green, your car must be either a petrol hybrid, plug-in hybrid or a 100% battery electric car.  

If you’re already driving a car with a hybrid or fully electric engine for Uber, you’re automatically eligible for Uber Green trips, there are no other requirements you need to meet. 

TIP: If you want to be eligible for Uber Green, all you have to do is add a hybrid or fully-electric car to your account. See our available cars eligible for Uber Green here.

Can I still receive UberX trips if going for Uber Green?

Yes. You will receive Uber Green trips in addition to UberX and all other ride types you’re currently eligible for, like Uber Comfort or Uber Premier 

What are the benefits of Uber Green?

Uber Green is a great incentive both for riders, giving them access to less polluting transport and for Uber drivers, because it gives you an advantage over drivers in a petrol or diesel car.  

Uber also plans to offer their drivers discounted EV charging rates with bp pulse to make charging even more affordable. 

Find more about EV charging 

How can Splend help?

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Ready to make the switch to an EV?

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