Uber is known to be one of the ridesharing apps that values and compensates its drivers the most, solid proof being the four-level rewards program, Uber Pro.  

Uber launched this program in November 2019 in Australia. Its goal is to reward drivers for their loyalty, hard work and good quality service via four tiers of membership — Blue, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. With each level, drivers unlock a series of rewards, in terms of discounts and benefits, that could help them save money and improve their rideshare service.  

Here’s everything rideshare drivers should know about Uber Pro, from how to maximise their membership to what kind of rewards they can access.  

How does Uber Pro work? 

All drivers who sign up with Uber automatically access the Blue level and receive its rewards. Enrolling in this program is free, but you can opt-out if you don’t want to participate for any reason.  To reach the next levels and enjoy higher rewards, you must meet some requirements and achieve a certain number of points over a reward period of three months.  

1. Offer quality service to your passengers  

To qualify for the Gold, Platinum or Diamond tier, you’ll need to achieve the following: 

  • Driver rating of 4.85 or above – rating based on the last 500 rated trips (or all trips if you have less than 500 completed). If you receive a rating of 4 stars or below on a trip for a reason that is out of your control, like a bad GPS route or traffic, the rating will be excluded from your overall rating. 
  • Cancellation rate of 3% or below – calculated for the past 30 days. This rate represents the number of trips a driver confirmed and then cancelled. If you cancelled trips at the pickup location because your passengers didn’t show up or for safety reasons, it wouldn’t count against your cancellation rate.  

 2. Complete trips to earn points 

If you meet the requirements stated above, the next thing to do to reach a new Uber Pro level is acquire points. You accumulate points during periods that last three months: November-January, February-April, May-July, and August-October. 

For each trip you complete, you get 1 point during off-peak hours and 5 points during peak times: 

  • Monday – Thursday – 7 am – 9 am and 5 pm – 7 pm 
  • Friday – 7 am – 9 am and 4 pm – 11:59 pm 
  • Saturday – Sunday – 12 am – 5 am and 9 am – 11:59 pm 

If you complete a trip that starts or ends during a 5-point hour, you will receive 5 points for that trip. 

IMPORTANT: Uber Pro is a rolling program, so drivers must maintain their points level every month to keep receiving benefits.  

The points required for each Uber Pro level vary by city, and you can check them in the ‘Uber Pro’ section of your Driver app. 

3. Enjoy your rewards 

Each level unlocks various rewards available once you have achieved that status. Some rewards might be subject to additional conditions. 

Here are the benefits you have for each Uber Pro level.  

Blue Gold Platinum Diamond
BP Rewards Unlocked fuel deal 6¢/L 7¢/L  9¢/L  12¢/L 
Deals on auto needs with Supercheap Auto 10% off 10% off + free wiper and battery fitting  15% off + free wiper and battery fitting  20% off + free wiper and battery fitting 
Deals on tyres at Bridgestone stores 15% off 15% off 25% off 25% off
Discounted business support services: Airtax, QuickBooks, Optus 
bp in-store perks at participating BP Rewards Unlocked sites   
Accident replacement vehicles
Language lessons with Rosetta Stone
See trip duration and direction
Access to Area Preferences in select cities 2 hours a day 2 hours a day
Extra destination feature
Priority airport rematch 
Restore Uber Pro status (Status protection)
Priority customer support
Diamond Challenge Cash Reward

Source: uber.com/uber-pro

How can I keep my current Uber Pro Level? 

To keep a level you’ve achieved — Gold, Platinum, Diamond, you must have the minimum points needed at the end of each three-month reward period.  

At the start of the new reward period, your status is determined by the points you earned in the previous three-month period. You can upgrade to the next level at any time during the three months reward period if you earn enough points.  

IMPORTANT: If your rating falls below 4.85 and your cancellation rate rises above 3%, you’ll automatically be placed in the Blue tier.  

As soon as you meet the rating and cancellation criteria again during the 3-month period, you’ll gain access to whatever tier your points qualify you for. 

Is Uber Pro worth it? 

Plenty of our drivers have stated that Uber Pro keeps them motivated and helps them reduce their costs. It may seem like a big task reaching and maintaining these ratings, however, unlocking the Uber Pro rewards can save you money while offering your passengers a 5-star ride experience.  

Here are the main advantages of being an Uber Pro driver:  

  • Higher rewards for your effort on the road – you get discounts on fuel costs, priority airport rematch gives you higher and faster pickup chances, and you can choose where to go next with ‘Area preferences’ feature. 
  • Opportunities for you and your family – you can access language lessons to improve your English skills and communicate easier with your passengers.  
  • Protection and support – you can benefit from priority customer support and have access to fast responses from experienced support agents when you have an issue.  

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