Although car technology is constantly improving to keep us as safe as possible, there is still an element of human error that comes into play. It’s every driver’s responsibility to use their defensive driving skills at all times to minimise risk on the road.

What is defensive driving?

Defensive driving it’s a practice used to help anticipate and avoid dangerous situations in traffic. It’s generally a set of driving principles that enhances road safety, recommended for every driver, particularly those that carry passengers, such as rideshare drivers.

What are some examples of defensive driving?

Being a defensive driver shouldn’t be about making an above and beyond effort, but rather small changes to your driving behaviour. In the end, it comes down to following the traffic rules and regulations and paying attention to every detail:

  • Maintain the enforced speed limit
  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles on the road
  • Properly signal your intentions
  • Adapt your driving to the weather and traffic conditions 
  • Avoid any distraction; keep your eyes and ears on the road.

What are the advantages of defensive driving?

Unfortunately, other drivers’ actions are not in your control. But using your defensive driving skills to help you stay out of trouble is. Defensive driving comes with a share of advantages you might overlook at first glance. Here are a few:

1. You stay safe and sound 

Being on the road after you become an Uber driver can be stressful at times  — heavy traffic, bad weather, cyclists and pedestrians everywhere. Your main responsibility is offering passengers a safe and smooth ride, which can add to the pressure. Defensive driving can be your most reliable ally on the road. When riding within the legal limits, it’s easier to spot any potential risk and be able to avoid it. 

2. Your passengers have a 5-star experience

Each ride should be looked at as a mutual exchange the passengers offer you their trust and expect an enjoyable experience in return. If you’re a chaotic driver, it might make your passengers car sick or simply uncomfortable during a trip. This could lead to a bad rating.

To avoid this, putting thought into your driving strategy will help you get closer to becoming a 5-star uber driver. Your passengers should always feel safe with you as their driver.

3. It helps you avoid accidents and fines

No matter how serious they are, car accidents create stress for all parties involved. But for you, as a rideshare driver who relies on driving to earn an income, the fall out is more significant. No matter who’s at fault, accidents have a direct impact on your earnings you lose money while you wait for your car to be fixed and you need to cover the car damage expenses.

If you are on a car subscription plan, such as our Flexi or Flexi own plan, you can get a replacement car and get back on the road in no time. However, as the driver, you may still find yourself out of pocket should you be at fault and need to pay the excess.

The same story goes for traffic fines. If your driving style is more on the aggressive side, getting a fine is only a matter of time. This doesn’t just cause unnecessary expenses, but you’ll also accumulate demerit points and put yourself at risk of losing your driver licence.  As they say, prevention is better than the cure. 

4. Your car needs less maintenance 

An aggressive driving style translates into slamming on the breaks a little harder. This leads to wearing the brake pads and tires more quickly.  

Even driving one of our subscription cars, you’re still responsible for covering all the damage outside the fair wear and tear calculated in your plan. With this in mind, driving calmly and following traffic rules is a pretty smart move. 

5. It reduces fuel consumption

With the significant cost of fuel increase recently, any tips in reducing fuel consumption can make a difference on your profits. Adopting a defensive driving style is the key to saving some cash. 

  • Use your acceleration and braking pedals gently
  • Drive in the correct gear
  • Stick to the speed limit

When you take all these points into consideration, the few extra minutes saved by drifting fast and furious through traffic outweighs the risks you put yourself at. 

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