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Cutting-edge technology, sustainable design, and unrivaled performance. New upgrades available, price starts $389/week.

Key features

546 km base range

Fast-charging technology

Boot fits 14 shopping bags

Keyless advanced locking & starting

Front and rear parking sensors

Heated front seats

Adaptable ambient interior lighting

Voice assistant

Built-in Android Auto

Polestar 2 Pricing

Pilot Lite Pack

  • Pixel LED Headlights with Adaptive High Beam: Night driving just got safer and less stressful. Our advanced Pixel LED headlights illuminate the road ahead brilliantly, adapting automatically to changing conditions and oncoming traffic. This means you can confidently navigate through the night without worrying about dazzling other road users—a feature your passengers will appreciate for its emphasis on safety and comfort.
  • LED Front Fog Lights with Cornering Function: Navigate through fog and poorly lit streets with ease. Our LED front fog lights not only enhance visibility in challenging conditions but also light up the way around corners at low speeds. This feature is especially useful for Uber drivers, helping you make every turn and bend with confidence, ensuring a smooth and safe ride for your passengers.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: Reduce fatigue on long drives with Adaptive Cruise Control. Let the Polestar 2 intelligently maintain a safe distance from the car ahead, adjusting speed as necessary—even to a full stop. This feature allows you to focus more on the road and less on pedal adjustments, making long journeys or traffic congestion less taxing and enhancing overall passenger comfort.
  • Pilot Assist: Keep your vehicle centered and steady in the lane with minimal effort. Pilot Assist subtly adjusts the steering to ensure you’re not drifting close to lane markings, making long drives less strenuous and enhancing safety. This feature supports Uber drivers in providing a smooth, steady ride, making journeys more enjoyable for passengers.
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Plus Pack

  • Harman Kardon Premium Sound: Deliver an unmatched audio experience with the Harman Kardon Premium Sound system. Whether your passengers enjoy quiet classical music or vibrant pop, the sound is always crisp, clear, and rich, turning every ride into a private concert.
  • Panoramic Roof: Offer passengers a ride filled with natural light and a sense of openness. The panoramic roof enhances every journey, providing views of the city skyline or starry nights, all while blocking UV rays and reducing noise for a serene travel experience.
  • Tinted Rear Window: Add to your vehicle’s premium feel while protecting your passengers from glare and UV rays with our tinted rear windows. It’s a thoughtful touch that enhances passenger comfort, making every trip more pleasant.
  • WeaveTech Seats with Black Ash Deco Inlays: Present a modern, stylish, and comfortable seating environment with WeaveTech vegan upholstery. These seats are designed to resist water and dirt, making cleanup easy and ensuring your vehicle always looks its best for passengers.
  • High-Level Interior Illumination: Enhance the ambiance of your Polestar 2 with sophisticated interior lighting. It not only makes the cabin more inviting but also improves visibility, making it easier for passengers to read or find their belongings.
  • Energy-Saving Heat Pump: Extend the range of your Polestar 2, regardless of external temperatures. The heat pump utilizes ambient heat and waste energy, reducing the need for battery power to heat the cabin and ensuring you can drive further on a single charge—a key advantage for busy Uber drivers.
  • Heated Steering Wheel, Rear Seats, and Wiper Nozzles: Keep comfort high and maintenance low in cold weather. With heated elements where they matter most, you ensure a warm welcome for yourself and your passengers, while also avoiding the hassle of frozen wiper fluid.
  • Fully-Electric Front Seats: Adjust your seat with the touch of a button for optimal comfort and support, a feature that not only benefits you as the driver but also shows your commitment to providing a premium service to your passengers.
  • Air Quality System: Ensure the air inside your vehicle is clean and fresh. This advanced system monitors and filters out pollutants and allergens, making every ride more pleasant and safer for passengers sensitive to air quality.
  • Polestar Digital Key: Offer seamless access to your vehicle with just a smartphone. This convenient feature makes it easier for you to quickly start your day or switch drivers if you’re sharing the vehicle, ensuring the focus remains on providing top-notch service.
  • Power-Operated Tailgate with Foot Sensor: Make loading and unloading luggage hassle-free with a tailgate that opens with a simple gesture. This feature is especially appreciated by passengers with heavy bags, making their experience smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Rear Floor “Lid in Lid” with Bag Holder: Secure passengers’ belongings and any portable appliances needed for the ride. This feature keeps items from shifting, ensuring a safer and more organized vehicle, which passengers will appreciate for the added convenience and safety.
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Performance Pack

  • Performance Software Upgrade: Elevate the driving experience with our software upgrade, boosting your Polestar 2 to 350 kW (476 hp) and 740 Nm of torque. With launch control for maximum power from a standstill, your vehicle will offer smooth, swift acceleration, ensuring your passengers enjoy a ride that’s not just fast, but also remarkably smooth and controlled, enhancing the overall quality of the journey.
  • 20” 4-Multi Spoke Forged Alloy Wheels: Designed for performance while reducing weight, these alloy wheels enhance handling and road contact. For Uber drivers, this means a more responsive and stable ride in all conditions, providing your passengers with a sense of security and comfort through superior vehicle performance.
  • Polestar Engineered Chassis Tuning: Experience refined control and engagement with our chassis tuning, featuring manually adjustable Öhlins’ Dual Flow Valve dampers. This advanced setup ensures your Polestar 2 adapts perfectly to road surfaces and conditions, offering a balanced and smooth ride that will be appreciated by passengers, especially on longer trips or uneven roads.
  • Brembo Brakes: Benefit from the expertise of Brembo with ventilated, drilled discs, and four-piston aluminium calipers for quick response at any temperature, reducing weight, wear, noise, and dust build-up. This feature is crucial for Uber drivers, ensuring the safety and comfort of your passengers through reliable and efficient braking performance, even in sudden stop situations.
  • Öhlins Dual Flow Valve Dampers: Partnering with suspension experts Öhlins, the DFV dampers provide unmatched traction and responsiveness, alongside a balanced ride. While the Performance pack includes a free damper adjustment at a Polestar service point, the ease of configuration for various driving situations ensures that Uber drivers can offer a customized riding experience, optimizing comfort for passengers according to the specific demands of each journey.
  • Swedish Gold Seatbelts: Beyond the distinctive gold color that matches the brake calipers and valve caps, these special edition seatbelts signify a commitment to safety with style. For Uber drivers, this feature is a conversation starter and a visible indicator of the vehicle’s premium status, enhancing the passenger’s perception of their ride as a cut above the standard fare.
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Optional Nappa Upgrade

The Nappa Leather Interior Pack offers Uber drivers an unparalleled opportunity to elevate their vehicle’s luxury and comfort, making it a standout choice for passengers seeking a premium riding experience. Crafted from responsibly sourced, traceable, and chrome-free Nappa leather, the seats provide a supple, comfortable place for passengers to relax during their journey. The attention to animal welfare and sustainability in the production process not only ensures the leather is of the highest quality but also reflects an Uber driver’s commitment to ethical and environmentally friendly practices. This pack is ideal for drivers aiming to differentiate their service by offering an exceptionally refined and comfortable environment that resonates with discerning passengers who value both luxury and responsibility.

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Benefits of driving Uber with the Polestar 2

With its futuristic design, eco-friendly build and state-of-the-art technology – the Polestar 2 will elevate the rider experience and make driving a dream. Here are just some of the benefits when driving Uber with the Polestar 2:


Increased earning potentials thanks to Uber’s EV fee reduction scheme

Higher earning potential with Uber Premier and Uber Comfort

Reduced downtime services only required every 30,000km

Reduced running costs – no hefty fuel expenses

Making an essential step toward carbon emission reduction


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