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The Genesis of Polestar: A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

Born from the high-performance division of Volvo, Polestar stands as a beacon of automotive innovation and Swedish engineering excellence. With over 90 years of heritage from Volvo – a brand revered for safety and reliability – Polestar carries forward this esteemed legacy into a new era of automotive design and technology.


Volvo's Groundbreaking Innovations

Volvo’s journey, marked by groundbreaking achievements, set the stage for Polestar’s inception. Most notably, in 1959, Volvo introduced the world’s first three-point seatbelt, a safety revolution that became a global standard, saving countless lives. This ethos of innovation for the greater good is deeply ingrained in Polestar’s DNA.


Polestar's Emergence and Evolution

Polestar’s story began as Volvo’s performance project, transforming Volvo cars with enhanced power and handling. In 2015, this successful partnership evolved, as Polestar became a separate entity, focusing on high-performance electric vehicles. This shift marked a new chapter, combining Volvo’s safety and quality with a fresh, electrified vision.


Benefits of driving Uber with the Polestar 2

With its futuristic design, eco-friendly build and state-of-the-art technology – the Polestar 2 will elevate the rider experience and make driving a dream. Here are just some of the benefits when driving Uber with the Polestar 2:


Increased earning potentials thanks to Uber’s EV fee reduction scheme

Higher earning potential with Uber Premier and Uber Comfort

Reduced downtime services only required every 30,000km

Reduced running costs – no hefty fuel expenses

Making an essential step toward carbon emission reduction


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Polestar 2 on the road

Uber driver and long-time Splend member, Anthony, recently took the plunge and upgraded to a Polestar 2 from his Toyota Camry Hybrid. From the lower running costs to the increased earnings and driver experience – he says it’s one of the best decisions he ever made.


“As much as I loved my Camry, I needed something different. I had already been contemplating EVs for a few years, and after speaking to the Customer Specialists at Splend and seeing the Polestar 2, I just fell in love with it.”



Learn what it’s like to go fully electric with the Polestar 2

Charging made easy

Charing an EV has never been easier! The ideal situation is to install a home charger, that’s why we’ve partnered with JET Charge to bring you an affordable at home charging solution, starting from $33/month plus installation.



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