A day in the life of a Splend driver – Meet Gurinder, our first car owner

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    We’re excited to kick off our new blog series, taking you on a shotgun ride with a Splend member. And what better way to start than by introducing Gurinder, our very first member to gain full ownership of a Kia Sportage on our Rent to own plan.

    A former chef for 10 years, Gurinder was looking for flexibility as he moved into a new and exciting chapter of his life of marriage and starting a family. Uber was a huge attraction as it gave him the income he needed and the means to control his work hours so he could spend precious time with his wife and kids.

    Gurinder describes his first day as one filled with mixed feelings. Though he is a highly optimistic and friendly person who always enjoys meeting new people, he admitted that he was both excited and nervous. The appreciation from riders is what essentially makes his day.

    “I like to have a chat with my riders and share experiences. I’ve learned a lot from them, especially from my older passengers.”

    Being new to ridesharing, Gurinder notes he chose Splend because it was “very easy to use” and the team helped him get started with Uber and help him through the paperwork required. He also spared a word for his Member Success Representative, who was very helpful during the onboarding and ever since.

    “There’s no unnecessary credit check required, only the Splend Terms and conditions, which was easy to follow.”

    Gurinder chose our Rent to own plan, which meant he was on the path to car ownership at the end of a 3-4 year term. He took advantage of the early ownership option too: by consistently driving over the 1,000-km weekly quota, he gained full ownership of the car in just 36 months.

    “I wanted a bigger car for my family and wanted to own a car with no hassle. I searched around and found a good deal at Splend. Before this new Sportage, I used to drive a pre-owned car.”

    To make time for his family, especially his little one, he prefers to start his day early at 4 am and aims to finish around 3 pm.

    His biggest challenge? It used to be navigation at first, but dealing with difficult riders quickly jumped to the top of the list as he learned his way around Sydney. Before long, he got accustomed to the different riders too. Gurinder happily shares his many compliments he’s received – no doubt, a great testament to his friendly personality.

    His best piece of advice is for everyone is to “make goals, work hard, be positive and punctual at all times.”

    We loved being a part of Gurinder’s journey and it was a joy to celebrate this important milestone with him. We wish him all the best in the future and many more safe miles with his beautiful Kia Sportage.

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