If you’ve been considering switching to green mobility for a while, 2023 is the perfect year for this step. Driving an EV gives your numerous benefits, from financial incentives to reduced costs, helping you increase your rideshare income. All that whilst driving a new-model car with zero emission and plenty of technology.   

If you’re still not convinced it’s worth switching, here are eight advantages of driving an electric car for ridesharing in Sydney in 2023.

1. Fuel savings 

In the past year, fuel prices have reached record highs. Filling up your tank is now more expensive than ever. Switching to an electric car can lower the charging costs by over 70% compared to an ICE car, depending on where and how you charge your EV.   

To get an idea of how much you can save, the Australian Electric Vehicle Council states that for 15,000 km driven, you spend around $2,160 on petrol, while for the same distance with an EV, you pay just $600 on electricity costs. That’s $1,560 saved on fuel in less than a year. 

What does this mean for rideshare drivers? Give most drive 500 – 1,000 km a week on average, this results in $52-$104 weekly savings. 

2. Uber incentives

As Uber aims to upgrade its entire car fleet worldwide to zero-emission vehicles by 2050, they offer several incentives to Uber drivers who switch to green mobility.  

Splend has also partnered with Uber to bring an exclusive offer to its customers.   

SPLEND EXCLUSIVE: Sign up for a Polestar 2 on a Flexi own subscription plan and you could be eligible for one of our 500 spots to receive a 50% reduction on Uber’s service fee until 30 June 2025, capped at $6,000 per year.   

We also have 250 exclusive spots available for Tesla Model Y’s on our Flexi own subscription plan – enquire now to see if you’re eligible for 50% reduction on Uber’s service fee until 30 June 2025, capped at $3,500 per year.  

Uber has also launched Uber Green in Australia, a service offering passengers the option to request a ride in a hybrid or electric car for the same fare as UberX. This gives drivers in low-emission cars a competitive advantage over drivers in petrol and diesel cars. 

3. Easy and fast charging process

Several years ago, when EVs first entered the market, there were fewer charging options, with low speed and high waiting times. Australia’s charging infrastructure now offers multiple options for each driver’s needs, from installing a faster dedicated EV charger at home to using rapid public chargers.  

According to Savvy, Australia has over 3,700 public charging locations at 2,100 locations, as of March 2023, with 35% in NSW. Find out where you can charge your electric car in Sydney.  

For now, the most convenient and cheaper option for Australian drivers is installing a home charging unit.   

4. Increased range

With most EV models now having an average range of over 250 km, running out of juice when driving through the city should no longer be a concern. While petrol cars consume less on the motorway and are thirsty in the city, EVs do the exact opposite, making them ideal for rideshare driving. For on-demand drivers who aim to work extended hours, there are plenty of new model EVs able to travel over 400 km on a single charge. 

Let’s take the Tesla Model Y as an example. You can travel 455 km with it on one charge. This should be enough to get you even through a very busy day without the need to recharge. 

5. Easier and cheaper to maintain

Contrary to popular belief, EVs are cheaper and easier to maintain. While servicing an EV can still be pricy compared to a petrol car, the good news is that you won’t need it that often.  

According to NSW Government, you’re expected to pay 40% less for EV maintenance than you usually pay for ICE vehicles. With fewer parts to break down, no internal combustion engine, no oil change and an extended battery warranty, you can save money on car running costs.   

TIP: If you opt for our Flexi or Flexi own subscription plans, you no longer have to worry about car servicing and maintenance fees since they’re included in your subscription.   

6. Public and private authorities’ incentives

Many public or private institutions offer EV drivers incentives to encourage early EV adoption.  

Did you know? One of NSW’s government actions was allowing all EVs to drive in T2 and T3 transit lanes, helping drivers to cut travel times. This is set to last until 31 October 2023.  

EV drivers might also be eligible for discounts at charging stations. For example, NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAA, RAC, and RACT members receive a 20% discount at Chargefox ultra-rapid charging sites. NRMA members can also use the insurer’s fast charging stations for free.  

Charging network JOLT provides 7kWh free charging per day on their DC fast chargers for all drivers. 

Read more about tips to charge your EV efficiently 

7. Zero emissions

We all make small efforts to save our planet through actions such as recycling, waste reduction or carpooling, but switching to an EV is a significant step towards this goal. Electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions, reducing air pollution from exhaust emissions, especially when paired with renewable energy, such as solar energy. You get all the benefits of driving an EV in Sydney while contributing to cleaner air in your city.    

8. Smooth and unique driving experience 

Switching to an EV will change the way you experience driving. EVs are safer, easier to drive and offer more stability than ICE cars. They’re also well known to provide a quiet and comfortable driving experience, an essential bonus for rideshare drivers who spend hours inside their cars. Car experts and users consider electric cars to have greater technical performance than petrol cars. EVs are so smooth and relaxed to drive that it’s a delight for drivers and passengers.   

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