Airport trips work a bit differently than typical trip requests, so if you’re a rideshare driver in Melbourne wanting to get rides from the Airport, it’s important to know how picking up and dropping off at Melbourne Airport works.  


How can I get Airport trips at Melbourne Airport?

To receive Uber trip requests from Melbourne Airport, you must register your acceptance of the Terms of Use of Melbourne Airport by Drivers first. 

You’ll receive a notification via your Uber Driver App with more details on how to register.  

How to accept trips at Melbourne Airport?

To accept Uber trips at Melbourne Airport, you need to follow these steps: 

1. Enter the virtual queue 

To place yourself in the virtual queue, go to the Uber holding area in your Driver App. This is the only location at the Melbourne Airport where you can wait for Uber pick-up requests.  

2. Accept a trip request and go to pick up your passengers 

When you’re in the front of the virtual queue, you receive the next available trip request. To meet your passenger, follow the navigation to the pick-up location.  

The pick-up location varies depending on the terminal the passenger requested the ride from and the Uber service they chose. 

3. Locate your rider and exit the airport 

Once the pick-up is completed, just follow the Airport exit signs and continue your trip just as you normally would.  

Where can I pick up passengers from at Melbourne Airport?

The pick-up areas depend on the terminal your passenger is leaving from: 

Terminals 1, 2 & 3 

For passengers requesting a ride from the Melbourne Airport’s main terminals, the Uber pick-up area is in Lane 1, directly in front of Terminal 2. This pick-up area is divided into three pick-up zones: 

  • Zone B – for UberX pick-ups  
  • Zone A and Zone C – located at either end of the pick-up area, are for all other ride options – UberXL, Uber Comfort, Uber Premier etc. 
Terminal 4 

For passengers requesting a ride from Melbourne Airport’s T4, the Uber pick-up area is on the ground level of the Transport Hub.  

Pick-up zone map at Melbourne Airport

Where can I drop passengers off at Melbourne Airport?

There are two places to drop off passengers at Melbourne Airport: 

  • Terminal 1, 2 & 3 – you can drop off passengers leaving from this terminal at the Public drop off areas along Departure Drive 
  • Terminal 4 – you have to use Transport Hub on Level 1 of the Terminal 4 Car Park to drop off passengers leaving from Terminal 4. 

Is there a pick-up fee at Melbourne Airport?

Yes, Melbourne Airport charges $4.82 (including GST) for each Uber pick-up. This fee is included in the final trip payment. 

However, you’re in charge of paying this fee to the airport, so make sure your E-Tag is working properly since this is the only payment method for the Melbourne Airport pick-up fee.  

What is a PIN pick-up at Melbourne Airport?

Between 7 AM and 12 AM (midnight) from Monday to Friday, and for reduced hours on weekends, any UberX rides requested from Terminals 1, 2 or 3 at Melbourne Airport will require a 6-digit PIN from the passenger to match with the driver. 

IMPORTANT: The PIN pick-up doesn’t apply to ride requests from Terminal 4 or any other trips besides UberX.  

Outside the timetable of PIN pick-ups, drivers will receive UberX trip request the usual way.  

How do PIN pick-ups work at Melbourne Airport?

After joining the virtual queue, receiving an UberX trip request and heading to the Uber pick-up Zone B, you must: 

  1. Join the UberX queue. Pull forward and wait in the designated parking space for a passenger to be directed to your car. 
  2. Before entering your car, the passenger will provide you with a unique PIN code you must input in your Driver App – just tap ‘Enter rider PIN’ at the bottom of your Driver App.  
  3. Once the PIN is confirmed, you can see the trip details and start your trip.  

What is short-protection trip, and how does it work?

If you receive a short trip request from Melbourne Airport, the Uber Driver App will inform you if this trip is eligible for Priority Queue Access before accepting it.  

What is Priority Queue Access for Uber drivers at Melbourne Airport?

With Priority Queue Access, you can jump in front of the virtual queue if you rejoin within six hours. To be eligible for Priority Queue Access, you must wait in the airport queue for at least 15 minutes.  

Priority Queue Access is valid for six hours at the same airport, even if you go offline or take other trips before coming back to the airport.

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