Since you’re on the road all the time interacting with different people every day, being a rideshare driver comes with various risks. However, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself against potential threats and feel safe while driving.  

Here are our recommendations on how to keep yourself and your car safe while driving rideshare.  

1. Install a dash cam 

Having a dash cam to capture live footage of what happens on the road and inside your car can help you in two significant ways: 

  • Riders will be highly motivated to moderate their behaviour if they’re being recorded, reducing the risks of violent speech, inappropriate conduct or any form of abuse. 
  • The dash cam videos can be used as evidence of an accident or incident involving police or your insurance company. 

TIP: Choose a dash cam that can shoot video at 1080p on both cameras to provide a clear picture and a camera lens wide enough to capture the whole interior of your car.  

If you also drive at night, make sure your dash cam shifts into night mode to capture clear images. It can be useful to download an app that uploads the camera footage into a cloud so you don’t lose the data if the camera is damaged or lost. 

If you’re a Splend customer, make sure to let your Customer Specialist know before installing a dash cam. 

2. Install a plexiglass separator 

This measure started gaining popularity during the pandemic when many drivers installed it to reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission. It’s a valuable tool to ensure your safety in other ways too: 

  • It limits the contact between the passenger and the driver, ensuring the driver won’t get attacked or robbed. 
  • It gives a sense of extra safety to the passenger, too, knowing that there is a protection shield between them and the driver. 

TIP: Leave a small opening through the plexiglass shield to ensure proper communication with the rider.  

3. Verify your rider 

Be all eyes on who you’re picking up, think twice before accepting a trip and always check the rider’s rating. Someone with a rating below 3 should give you some warning signs, as most drivers will poorly rate their rider for a solid reason. 

TIP: Ask for the passenger’s name when picking them up to ensure you get the right person.  

The greatest asset you have to defend yourself against possible threats is your intuition. Trust your instinct, and don’t accept a ride if something feels off. If you feel in danger when arriving at the pick-up location, just cancel the ride and head to a safer place. 

4. Spread the word to buckle up 

Ensure you always wear your seat belt and ask your riders to fasten theirs as well. It’s not only required by the law but also the most effective way to save lives and reduce injuries in case of an accident.  

If you get pulled over, you’re the one liable for your passengers who aren’t wearing their seat belt and could face fines of $500-$1,000, depending on the state.  

IMPORTANT: If your riders refuse to fasten their seatbelt, it’s your right to ask them to leave, cancel the ride and report the incident to Uber.  

5. Make sure to have a comprehensive car insurance policy   

As a rideshare driver, you can opt to only have the compulsory CTP insurance which only covers the others in case of an accident, not you and not your car.  

Investing more money into your rideshare insurance and getting the fully comprehensive one to be protected in case of damage to your car or another person’s car or property, and thefts and is very important.  

DID YOU KNOW? Splend’s car subscription plans come with Loss & Accident cover additionally to CTP insurance, to protect you against multiple risks.  

6. Know your surroundings 

Being aware of your surroundings gives you an enhanced sense of safety: 

  • Try to avoid getting too deep into areas you’re not familiar with or have a bad reputation. 
  • Find safe spots to drop your passengers off. Don’t endanger their lives by allowing them to get out of the car in heavy traffic. 
  • Know the local laws about where you can drop off riders to help you when encountering loading zones or parked vehicles.  

If you’re in an emergency, keep calm, don’t panic, and use your best judgement.  

TIP: If you need urgent help, use the Uber App’s emergency button.  

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