The road to your first ride is not as straightforward as people make it out to be. If you’re already an Uber driver you may remember the frustration of surfing the web for hours to find an answer to a simple question. Only to read the exact opposite on the next blog or forum.

If you’re just getting started with Uber, you’re in the right place. Our rideshare experts have answered the most frequently asked questions about using subscription cars for Uber, so you can finally stop second-guessing.

Can I drive Uber with a subscription car?

Yes. It’s become very popular for on-demand drivers to get on a car subscription rather than buying one. The key benefits of Uber car subscriptions include the all-inclusive, flexible contract with no deposit or credit check, as well as additional benefits, depending on the supplier.

How do Uber car subscriptions work?

First, you need to decide whether you’ll be driving part- or full-time and whether you want to drive for Uber exclusively or you’d sign up to other rideshare apps too.

The next step is to find a trusted car provider with a product that suits your needs. The Uber Marketplace lists providers with products designed for on-demand driving. You may choose other providers too, but bear in mind that not all subscription plans allow using the car for ridesharing.

How much do Uber car subscriptions cost?

It depends. The cost of an Uber car subscription has more components than just the weekly rate.

Right off the bat, you need a special licence in addition to your full AU driver’s licence before you can transport people legally. The requirements for this vary from one state to another, and so do the prices. For example, you may need extra health and safety checks to prove you’re medically fit for the job, which drives up the total cost.

Splend can help you do the paperwork and we’ll also set up your Uber account for you. Your setup fee includes most of the costs of getting started with Uber, and more.

Once on the road, all you need to make sure of is to always have enough money in your account for your weekly fee and any excess kilometre charges in case you drive more than the quota set in your agreement.

Is car subscription worth it for Uber driving?

This also depends on many factors. But if you compare the benefits car subscription plan to standard car finance, you might find that joining a subscription is definitely worth considering.

The best way to approach the problem is to take a critical look at your options: You can buy, get a subscription car, or use the car you already have.

  • Buying a car may not be for you to begin with, unless you want to drive Uber for years to come or you’re sure it would still be a good investment even after a potential career change. If you’re choosing on-demand driving for the flexibility, pumping your savings into a deposit and locking yourself into a long-term contract simply defeats the purpose.
  • A flexible Uber car subscription is ideal if you’re in between jobs, or you’re not yet convinced that on-demand driving is for you. If you make up your mind after a few weeks, you can upgrade to Flexi own and put your weekly payments toward owning your car, or just walk away at no cost.
  • Using your family car can be a good option if you have a relatively new model with a 5-star ANCAP rating and you don’t mind the added wear and tear and increased maintenance costs. As of October 2019 Uber signs up only 5-star-rated cars.

A subscription also means your car is part of a fleet and you’re part of a community. This means maintenance and paperwork is not your responsibility, and you enjoy the company and collective support of fellow drivers.

How much per month does it cost to own a car?

The monthly car loan repayment alone is usually less than what you’d pay for a subscription of the same model. However, it only covers the car itself, and nothing more.

For a correct comparison, you need to add Loss and Damage cover, rideshare insurance, registration, maintenance, and all the other bits that keep the car on the road, as these are all included in the weekly subscription fees.

Can I get a car with no money?

Yes, it’s possible. If your lifestyle demands having a car and you ever had to go without it, you probably know why.

If a situation like this finds you unprepared, you can still get on a car subscription and use it to earn an income—this way it will pay for itself. While providers usually charge a non-refundable initial fee, this is normally a fraction of a deposit and covers important features such as paperwork and maintenance, so you can focus more of your energy where it really counts.

You can cover your Flexi own car’s weekly subscription fee with just 15 hours of driving

Can I get a car with bad credit?

Yes. If you get on a car subscription, you don’t apply for a loan, therefore your credit score doesn’t matter. You always pay in advance instead of repaying a debt. It’s that simple.

This is exactly how our Flexi own plan works. If you want to be a car owner, you can put your weekly payments towards that goal, even if you’re not eligible for a car loan. Plus, you’re not locked in— you can opt for early ownership solutions or simply hand back the keys after the minimum period at no cost.

Can Uber help me get a car?

Yes. While Uber themselves don’t have cars, they collaborate with several third-party car providers that offer Uber-ready cars in different packages. Visit the Uber Marketplace to browse these offers and to find more information on the options available in your city.

Or, better yet, give the Splend team a call.

The easy way to get a new-model, Uber-ready car

Get yours on our Flexi or Flexi own plan


Which car is best for Uber driving?

Uber cars come in all shapes and sizes, but there are some boxes they all have to tick in order to be a viable choice for ridesharing. If you’re looking for the best cars for Uber, the most important feature is passenger comfort and plenty of luggage space, but a good fuel economy is also key for obvious reasons.

Two of our most popular cars for Uber are the Kia Sportage and the Toyota Camry Hybrid. And for good reason. See why they’re considered the best cars for Uber.

See the full list of our Flexi own car models, all carefully selected to meet on-demand driving standards.

How much can I earn as an Uber driver?

It depends on various things. Even to make a rough estimate, you need to consider the city, the areas and hours you drive, and also your strategy.

According to Splend customers, a full-time driver in Sydney or Melbourne can easily earn $1,500 to $2,000 per week. In Brisbane, it’s between $1,250 and $1,500, while Perth drivers reported weekly earnings ranging from $1,000 to $1,500.

As a Splend customer, you can rely on your Customer Specialist to work out a personalised driving strategy, so you can maximise your earnings in the hours that best fit your lifestyle.

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