Our revamped Flexi own plan is your unique opportunity to own a brand-new car from 15 hours per week. Here is how to do this in six easy steps.

Step 1 – Sign up to a rideshare platform

Rideshare platforms such as Uber provide thousands of Australians the opportunity to earn a flexible income. To start earning, you need to become a registered on-demand driver and have access to a car that meets all the industry requirements (generally less than ten years old with a valid safety certificate).

Uber driver requirements vary for each state, but as a general rule, you must meet these criteria:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have a clean driving history
  • Pass a background check
  • Hold a full Australian driver’s licence issued in your state, with 6-12 months of experience preferably over the past two years.

As part of the process, you’ll need to apply for a special licence or an upgrade of your driver’s licence that allows you to transport passengers legally. You can read more about these state-specific requirements in this article:

Step 2 – Sign up to Splend for flexible car access

To start earning an income through rideshare apps or on-demand food and parcel delivery platforms, you’ll need a car that passes the requirements.

At Splend, we’ve provided thousands of drivers with new-model, Uber-approved cars.

If you’re an experienced rideshare driver or you’re planning to drive full-time, we recommend our Flexi own plan. Compared to regular car finance, this unique plan gives you the opportunity to put your weekly payments toward owning your car. In other words, it’s as simple as a subscription, but you will become the owner of the car after 3 or 4 years, depending on how much you drive.

If you’re new to on-demand driving, you’re not yet sure whether or not ridesharing is for you long-term, or just want to drive Uber as a side hustle, subscribing to an Uber car from Splend might be for you. Here you have a minimum subscription period of just six weeks, just enough to gain the experience you need for an informed decision.

Both plans cover the cost of servicing, roadside assistance, registration, and all the mandatory inspections and other paperwork needed to use the car for ridesharing. All you need to focus on is earning an income.

Step 3 – Start earning an income as an on-demand driver

Now that you’re a driver behind the wheel of a rideshare-approved car, you’re ready to hit the streets and start earning.

To own a brand-new car from 15 hours per week, you must drive during the busiest hours. These vary for rideshare apps as well as delivery platforms, but there’s no limit to the number of apps you can sign up for. You can easily find the combination that works best for your schedule, and helps maximise your income and minimise your costs and efforts.

Based on data from our Australian fleet, Uber drivers can earn between $30-$40+ per hour during the busiest times of the week. On our Flexi own plan you can own a 7-seat Mitsubishi Outlander from $390 per week, so 15 hours of work can cover your weekly payment.

Please note that rideshare earnings vary by region and seasonality, and you’ll also need to factor in other expenses such as fuel costs and your tax bill. Treat the figures above as a guide.

Step 4 – Get advice from the best in the business

Splend provides you with a Customer Specialist, who will take care of your coaching, driver training, paperwork, and any advice you might need down the road. These legends have helped thousands of Uber drivers, not only to get started, but also to take their careers to the next level.

Your Customer Specialist will help you create a personalised driving strategy to maximise your income during the busiest times. They will also help you think outside the box and find alternative ways to earn an income such as parcel- or food deliveries.

Step 5 – Work out a strategy

To maximise your rideshare income, you need a plan. Weekly goals such as your time spent on the road, the amount you want to earn, or the total number of rides you want to accept will help you set clear expectations of what you want to achieve short- as well as long-term.

How quickly can you reach your goals this week? How much can you earn with one tank of fuel? How many 5-star rides can you give in one night? You might even meet another rideshare driver and set up some friendly competition for the week. These small challenges will kickstart your motivation and pave your way to success.

Step 6 – Seek independent tax- and accounting advice

As a rideshare driver, you’re a small business owner. Therefore, you can claim many of your expenses as tax deductions. By increasing your tax deduction, you’re channelling more money into your pocket.

Splend customers receive a $10 credit with Nixer, who provide the most affordable tax and accounting services in Australia, as well as a 20% discount with DriveTax, a specialist tax and accounting provider for rideshare drivers. DriveTax were also kind enough to compile a full list of ridesharing expenses you can claim as tax deduction

About Splend

We enable people to make money by driving for on-demand apps such as Uber.

We’re more than a car subscription provider. In addition to new-model cars and all the essentials to start earning money with Uber as quickly as possible, our customers enjoy driver training and dedicated support, as well as customer benefits such as partner discounts and exclusive events.

For more information about Splend, make an appointment and drop by to your local Splend Hub, email us, or say hello on 1800 775 363.