Our monthly news summary pulls together the latest ridesharing and on-demand driving updates so you’re always on top of your game. Here’s what happened in August.

Get the perfect van for delivery gigs

Rideshare not your jam? Have you thought of taking on the gig-economy world? We have the work whip for you! In a world where there’s no such thing as too much space, let us introduce you to the LDV G10+ van, the ideal choice for package delivery. It has enough space to fit all those items that were too big for the boot of a classic sedan. 

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What is Uber Premier

Uber offers several ride types to cover specific passengers’ needs and preferences. For people who want a premium service, there’s Uber Premier — highly-rated drivers with luxury cars. The fare for a ride is almost double as for the standard service UberX. If your car meets the requirements, driving for Uber Premier is a great chance to earn more per ride. 

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Find out how much Uber drivers earn in Australia

Your earnings as an Uber driver depend on multiple factors — how much time you spend driving, traffic conditions, surge pricing, the types of ride you offer and even the region you drive in. Find out how much an Uber driver earns in different parts of Australia and see how you can boost your income. 

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Google Maps vs Waze – which one is better for ridesharing?

Driving through city traffic is now much easier with a navigation app by your side. Google Maps and Waze are the undeniable leaders in this area, but deciding which one is better for ridesharing is a tough choice. 

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Boost your earnings with our Referral program

If you’re happy with Splend and you want your family or friends to have the same experience, feel free to share with them your personalized code and we’ll reward you with $250 per referral. And the best part is you can refer as many friends as you please. 

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