In our monthly news summary, we pull together the latest ridesharing and on-demand driving updates so you’re always on top of your game. Here’s what’s happened in July:

Support package from NSW Government

Did you know that the NSW Government is providing support for small businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19 over the last 12 months? If you live in the area and are eligible, don’t hesitate to sign up.
We’ll keep you updated with the latest Government news no matter the area, so make sure to keep an eye out for these monthly updates.

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We’re offering free Uber sign-up support

At Splend we’re Uber specialists and we can help new on-demand drivers get started with ridesharing without too much fuss. Once you’re ready to drive with Uber you can come to us and we’ll manage all the paperwork for you, free of charge, so you can do what you love more: drive.

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Increase your earnings with Uber Eats or other delivery services

We’re all waiting for the lockdown to end soon, so we can get our lives back on track, but until then there’s always a way to keep on earning and thriving. Here’s a guide we’ve put together to help you understand how delivery services work and why it’s a good idea to get into them now.

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Get a free week when you join our Rent to own plan in July

Get all the flexibility of the Rent plan and put your weekly payments toward owning your car. Join our Rent to own plan this month and benefit from a free of charge week, so you can earn more while you do what you love most: drive.

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