Valentine’s Day is an occasion to celebrate love of any kind, but also a day that lights up big cities, making them busier than usual. As a rideshare driver, your role plays a key part during this busy period— you’re the one driving your passengers to their Valentines’ Day plans. This is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of the love rush and boost your rideshare earnings. 

Here are some tips to make the most of Valentine’s Day and offer your passengers a memorable experience.  

Be prepared for Uber Comfort demands 

There’s no better day than Valentine’s Day to spoil your loved one. This day, people put extra thought into the surprise they’re planning for their significant other, from flowers to dinner dates. Therefore, you can expect an increase in Uber Comfort and Uber Premier ride demands. Keep an eye on such occasions for maximum earning opportunity. 

Work your way around surge pricing  

We know holidays and special occasions are the perfect opportunities for rideshare drivers to earn more due to high ride demands and surge pricing. However, sometimes all Uber drivers have this idea and end up going to the same few hot spots. No one wants to be stuck in traffic on lovers’ day, so planning a driving strategy can be helpful.  

You can start your evening in residential areas, then check the Uber map throughout the night to locate surge pricing zones and check if they’re too crowded. Work your way around these areas to take advantage of the dynamic price whilst avoiding spending too much time in traffic.  

Spread the love and catch those 5-star ratings 

People tend to be nicer and happier around Valentine’s Day, so it’s a great chance to get 5-star ratings. Start your ride with a friendly smile and a good word. Then ask your passengers about the temperature, music preference or if they prefer a specific route. Mind if they’re up to chat or if they’d rather enjoy the ride in quiet and be careful about their needs. When saying farewell, it doesn’t hurt to give them a friendly reminder to leave you 5-stars when they get the opportunity.   

Know your way around the city 

Nobody wants to keep their date waiting on Valentine’s Day, but big cities’ busy streets could cause some holdups. As a rideshare driver, you’re the saving grace of many delayed passengers, so knowing your way around the city is a must. Be careful, however. No matter the sense of urgency your passenger might require, don’t break any traffic rules or speed up just for the sake of arriving on time. If you know your routes, taking some turns and cut-throughs will do the trick. 

Pay special attention to details 

Valentine’s Day can be a very special occasion to some people — a proposal, a first official date, or an anniversary. The Uber ride is their journey to this particular moment, and putting extra thought into it will make them feel safe and important. Dress nicely, invest in a good car freshener, and buy heart-shaped chocolates to offer as treats. This will help you get more 5-star ratings and tips and, hopefully, put a smile on your passengers’ faces. 

Happy Valentines Day and safe driving from Splend! 

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