Regardless of the time of the year, staying safe on the road is the number one priority. But as the holiday season approaches, it’s good to remind ourselves of the dangers on the road and prepare for the changing conditions, especially as the streets become busier and the weather gets warmer.

Check out some of our top tips for rideshare apps and delivery platforms driving during this time of year that will hopefully help you prepare for the weeks ahead.

1. Check your tyres

Your tyres should be in good condition all year round, but it’s even more important during the summer months, as they’re the most critical safety elements on your car. With temperatures looking to soar, the roads will be scorching.

Summer weather will not only dry out and damage the rubber on your wheels, but an over-inflated tyre can even burst in the heat. Check your tyre pressure and if the centre of the tyre is worn significantly more than the outer edges, it’s probably been over-inflated. Make a habit of checking for tyre damage every time you wash your car.

2. Stay hydrated

With festivities and social gatherings becoming more frequent during December, excess dining can leave us feeling sluggish and dehydrated, so it’s important to keep up your water intake. Likewise, your passengers will be feeling the same after being out in the sun all day, so make sure you keep spare water bottles available in your car. They will no doubt be greatly appreciated.

3. Slow down

With traffic busier than usual and your passengers keen to get picked up as soon as possible, remember to slow down. Speed cameras will be ramped up with double demerit points in place over the festive days. With more people on the roads, it’s not worth rushing to shave a little time off your route. Slowing down is also safer and will help lower fuel consumption.

4. Keep an eye on the weather forecasts

Australians have been warned this year to expect more thunderstorms and hail, as the heat soars to new heights. As we’ve already experienced over the past few weeks, thunderstorms have battered parts of New South Wales, Queensland, the ACT, and parts of Victoria with heavy rain and giant hailstones.

This can be extremely dangerous and often comes with little to no warning, so stay updated with the forecast for your area each day and check in periodically to make sure nothing has changed. At Splend, we do our best to issue weather warnings to our customers ahead of any thunderstorm, so you can seek shelter along the route if you’re out driving.

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