To ensure a smooth traffic flow, Sydney Airport introduced a fee for picking passengers up in 2016.  

Here is what you should know about picking up and dropping off passengers at Sydney Airport.  

How can I pick passengers up at Sydney Airport?

To receive trip requests from Sydney Airport, Uber has developed a virtual queueing system, meaning Uber drivers will receive trip requests on a first in, first out basis. Here are the steps you need to follow to pick up a ride from Sydney Airport: 

  • Place yourself in the virtual queue by going to the designated waiting area. This is the only location where you can receive airport trip requests.  
  • Once you’re first in the queue, you’ll receive the next available trip request. Meet your rider at the designated pick-up area.  
  • Exit the airport after the pick-up.  

Where can I pick up passengers from at Sydney Airport?

For both international and domestic flights pick-up, there are two options:  

  • Rideshare zone (international terminals), Priority pick-up zone (domestic terminals) – the dedicated areas for rideshare and taxi pick-ups. You need an e-TAG to access this area.  
  • Public zone (international terminals), Express pick-up zone (domestic terminals) – these areas are accessible to private cars only and offer free pick-up up to 15 minutes. 

Rideshare zone  

This area is conveniently located at two minutes walk from the T1 international terminal. To get there, follow the green Rideshare signage as you enter the International precinct. 

IMPORTANT: You must have an e-TAG to enter the Rideshare zone. 

Priority pick-up zone 

This is the most convenient option for domestic pick-ups, located at four minutes walk from Domestic terminals, between T2 and T3.  

IMPORTANT: You must have an e-TAG to enter the Priority pick-up zone. 

Rideshare and priority zone recognise the following e-tags: 

  • Roads and Maritime Services                         
  • Tollaust Pty Ltd (Roam Express)                     
  • Roam Tolling                                                     
  • Beep Tolling (refer to E-way)                           
  • Interlink Roads Pty Ltd (trading as E-way)   

Limo pick-up zone 

For Uber Premier rides, you can take advantage of the kerbside pick-ups from the Limo Pick-up zone. This is a dedicated zone for registered vehicles, such as limousines, mini-buses and coaches, to collect passengers at Sydney Airport.  

IMPORTANT: To use this zone, you have prior to register your vehicle on Sydney Airport’s website. 

You will pay a $9.32 fee for domestic pick-ups and a $12.22 fee for international pick-ups if you stay 15 minutes at most. These fees increase for longer stays.  

Public zone and Express pick-up zone 

Private cars that don’t have an e-TAG can pick up passengers from the Public pick-up zone for International flights and the Express pick-up zone for Domestic flights.  

IMPORTANT: Rideshare cars and taxis cannot enter this area – it’s dedicated only to private cars. 

With private cars, you can enter these areas for free if you stay less than 15 minutes.  

How much are the pick-up fees at Sydney Airport for rideshare drivers?

The pick-up rates for both the Rideshare and Priority pick-up zones start from $4.68 for 15 minutes and increase the longer you stay.

Time Rate
0-15 min   $4.68
15-30 min $9.90
31-60 min $23.26
61-120 min $33.06

For Uber and other rideshare apps, these fees fall onto the passenger, being included in the final ride price. However, you’re the one who has to make sure you pay them on time.  

How to pay the Sydney Airport fees?

If you’re entering the Rideshare zone or the Priority pick-up zone, you’ll be charged when you exit the zone via your e-TAG 

IMPORTANT: Cash or card payments are not accepted in the rideshare dedicated zones. 

Make sure you have enough credit on the e-TAG each time you enter these pick-up zones to avoid late payment fees.  

Where can I drop off passengers at Sydney Airport?

You can drop passengers off at the Departures level at T1 International. This is an exclusive drop-off area, and you shouldn’t leave your vehicle unattended.  

There aren’t any fees or maximum stay times, but the airport encourages drivers to stay for one minute to keep this zone congestion free.

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