Our monthly news summary pulls together the latest ridesharing and on-demand driving updates so you’re always on top of your game. Here’s what happened in January.

Choose the best car for Uber

As an on-demand driver, picking the perfect car is challenging. There are plenty of options and many aspects you should look into. We selected the best car models for Uber currently — all of them cost-effective, frugal and comfortable.   

Find out which are the best cars for Uber 

Boost your rideshare income with Uber Comfort

The requirements to drive for Uber Comfort are similar to other Uber services. If your car is eligible for Uber Comfort, this is a great chance to increase your rideshare earnings by doing the same amount of work and offering your passengers a distinctive ride experience.  

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Step up your rideshare game with the Uber favourite Toyota Camry Hybrid

The new Toyota Camry Hybrid is the most advanced Camry yet. While it does have a striking presence, it’s so much more than just a stylish mid-size sedan. It also blends comfort, frugal fuel usage and compromise-free usability. In other words, an ideal set of wheels for on-demand driving. 

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Get a $250 bonus for each friend you refer to Splend

If you’re happy with Splend and you want your family or friends to have the same experience, feel free to share with them your personalized code and we’ll reward you. You get $250 for each friend you refer and joins one of our subscription plans. And the best part is you can refer as many friends as you please.   

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