Uber’s always looking at new and innovative ways to diversify their product offerings and specific passenger needs. From wheelchair users, pet owners to a larger group of people, food or package delivery, Uber has a little something for everyone.

As an Uber driver, you can pick up more than just one of these services and use it as an opportunity to earn more during your working hours. Yet it’s important to know which services you’re eligible for, what requirements you must meet, and how much Uber drivers earn

What is Uber Comfort?

Uber has several ride types available for both drivers and passengers. They each cover different needs or preferences that passengers may have and usually have different fares. Available services vary by city, but here are the most common in Australia:

  • UberX – the most popular option for riders, with affordable prices. Learn how to become an Uber driver in Australia
  • UberXL – can seat between 6-7 passengers. The cars are generally SUVs or vans
  • Uber Comfort – service designed for driver partners who have completed over 500 trips, maintained a rating of 4.85 or above, and who drive a car no older than 7 years
  • Uber Premier – premium service with luxury cars, previously known as Uber Black. Prices are almost twice as high as for Uber X
  • Uber Assist – designed for riders with disabilities or who need extra help moving around. Vehicles for this service can fit wheelchairs or other mobility aids
  • Uber Pet – a pet-friendly option with a higher fare
  • Uber Eats – food delivery service that uses not just cars, but also motorcycles, bikes or scooters.

In some locations, Uber Comfort replaces what was known as Uber Black, while Uber Premier replaces Uber Lux. However, they are both services meant for the high-end of rideshare driving.

Passengers pay a higher price for Uber Comfort rides, but, compared to the popular UberX, Uber Comfort cars offer passengers a more comfortable experience, with top-rated drivers and newer, mid-sized cars that have a little extra room in the back, ideal for airport trips or lots of luggage.

What’s more, when requesting an Uber Comfort, passengers can personalise their trip, by requesting a quieter ride, help with their bags or even a cooler temperature. Waiting times are also slightly longer before being charged a cancellation fee. However, passengers will pay higher per-minute wait time fees on Uber Comfort than UberX.

What are the requirements for Uber Comfort?

To drive for Uber Comfort, the requirements are similar to other Uber services — you must be 20 or 21 (depending on the state), have a full AU driver’s licence issued or converted in your state, have the right to work in Australia, pass a background screening, and have auto insurance up to the state minimum.

You can always drive for several services at the same time, if you meet all the requirements. Because services like UberXL, Uber Comfort or Uber Premier have higher prices than the common UberX, this means you can gain more money by diversifying your rides.

To drive for Uber Comfort, you need to meet the following additional requirements:

  • Have a car no older than 7 years
  • Have completed at least 500 trips
  • Maintain a rating of 4.85.

Which Uber service is your vehicle eligible for?

As an Uber driver, you’ll automatically receive Uber Comfort trip requests if you meet the requirements, are online and have enabled UberX trip requests.

Where is Uber Comfort available?

Uber Comfort is available in NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD, WA, and SA.

TIP: Uber Premier is not available in ACT. This means that you can earn even more if you drive for Uber Comfort in this region.

How much money can I make with Uber Comfort?

It depends on several aspects, like how much you drive and also where you drive. Because it is a superior service with higher prices than the standard UberX, there may be fewer rides. Even so, it’s still the preferred choice for many passengers looking for more convenience and space.

DID YOU KNOW? The commission fee for Uber Comfort trips is the same as for UberX.

The higher fares for passengers mean a boost in earnings for drivers. Here’s an example price comparison between UberX, Uber Comfort, and Uber Premier in Sydney, according to finder.com.au:

  Uber X   Uber Comfort   Uber Premier
  Base fare   $2.50   $3.38   $5.50
  Per minute   $0.40   $0.54   $0.88
  Per kilometre   $1.45   $1.96   $3.19
  Minimum fare   $9   $11.25   $15
  Cancellation fee    $10   $10   $10

TIP: You can still take UberX rides when there are no Uber Comfort requests.

How can Splend help?

Whether you’re already an Uber driver or want to get started, we can help. All the vehicles in our fleet are eligible for UberX.

If you’re also interested in driving for Uber Comfort, our fleet includes a wide range of eligible models:

Being a successful driver-partner means more than the car you drive. Here are some useful tips to be a top-rated driver, especially if you’re driving for Uber Comfort:

  • Be confident during pickups, drop-offs, and while using the navigation
  • Keep your vehicle clean at all times
  • Make sure the car smells clean and fresh for your passengers
  • Run the GPS in silent mode
  • Be friendly, courteous and professional.

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